Sunday, November 9, 2014

life update

 I have been so MIA it is insane.  Every time I sit down to write something else comes up and I can't! Usually in the form of Char getting up from her nap, or E having a poop explosion.  I literally lead the most exciting life ever.  Halloween was SO cold, it snowed.  We trick or treated at 8 houses and then called it a night since we were all freezing! Charlotte was a leopard and she had so much fun.  She wore her costume literally all day long, and wanted purple whiskers, it was so fun to experience the holiday with her this year and her actually be able to understand how to ring people's doorbell and say "Trick or Treat!".  
Me, Russ, and Elle went to one of Russ' good friends weddings in Cleveland for the day and it was so fun to see everyone from college again.  It was the first time since graduation that all of Russ' bestfriends were together at the same time.  The wedding was beautiful, and so much fun.  Elle was really good the whole time, and it was nice just having one kid around to worry about.  Charlotte got to spend the day with my parents and had a blast.  
My bff Elisabeth and I have had a few girls nights and it has been so nice to just let loose and hang out with her before we move, and she starts school up again! Speaking of moving...
We just found out we are moving to NORTH CAROLINA!!!! Russ got a post doc position so we are pretty excited to move and start at a new place.  We move at the end of December, so it is coming up super quick, we have so much to do before then and I feel like it won't ever get done.  It will, I am being dramatic but it is nerve wracking.  I literally know no one there so it will be exciting to meet new people, and be in warm weather.  My bestie Olivia is going to drive with me and the girls down there since Russ will have already left to move us in.  I am SO grateful for her help, and it will be so much fun to road trip with her and my girls!
Anyways that is what is new over in my life, we did nothing this weekend because we all got sick so it was nice to just lounge around and relax.

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