Sunday, January 25, 2015

E is 5 months! (1/13/15)

Stats: 5 months old
Not sure height and weight since our well visit isn't until next month.
I cannot believe that you are 5 months old already!! How on earth did the time go by this fast? This month you have had some major sleeping issues...I think it has to do with teething but I am really not sure.  You go to bed around 6:30-7 pm and then wake up around 10-midnight and sometimes you just want your pacifier back, but other times I have to hold your hand for 5 minutes to get you back to sleep.  If it is midnight we usually feed you again and then you will sleep until around 5 am, but baby girl I can't wait for you to sleep through the whole night like your big sister.  We are so tired.   That being said you are SO much fun! You laugh, smile, babble, roll over from front to back, sit up, and it is just so fun to see you recognize all of us.  You get SO excited when Charlotte pays attention to you, and she can get a smile or a laugh out of you by just saying hi to you.  One of the sweetest things in the world is watching you and your big sister together.  You have started to eat rice cereal in the morning and you are pretty good at keeping it in your mouth, and we are going to start other solids when you start getting teeth.  
Happy 5 months to you Elle we couldn't love you any more!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

NC we love you

 North Carolina we love you.  The weather, the trees, the sunsets, the people are all so amazing.  It was so lonely here at first (at least it was for me) until I started meeting some of the nicest people and now I have mom friends yay! The pictures in this post were taken at this lake about 20 minutes from where we live, and we decided to have a sunset picnic.  It was breath taking.  I have been so mean lately to Russ, and for no reason other then the fact that I am just lonely, and am burnt out with my teething 5.5 month old, and my crazy tantrum throwing 3 year old.  AKA mom life.  I hash tagged mom life the other day and my phone auto corrected it to "no life" which made me crack up because welllll it is kind of true.  
In all honesty though my girls are amazing.  They seriously make every day so much fun, and the stuff that Charlotte says now is just hilarious.  Today she told me that a goat was going to come in our house and eat us.  I don't know where she gets this stuff.  Then we were making spaghetti and every 5 seconds she did a little twirl and said "I am just SO HAPPY" it is amazing to me what that child gets excited about.  Every morning she asks me "So what is the plan today Mom?" she loves to know what is going on that day.  We signed Char up for pre school today, and oh my gosh she is SO excited to go to school (it doesn't start until August) I have to admit I am excited for her too, it will be so good for her to do something without us.  
I just need to remember that they are only young once and that the days are long but the years are short.  That and drink lots of coffee.  
Happy weekend everyone!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Home Tour: Girls room

 I know I have already posted some pictures of the girls room but I wanted to give you a better feel of it using my big camera :) I just love their room! It turned out so cute, and I just love all white furniture with pops of color.  As E gets older, another twin bed will fit in this space, but hopefully we will be in a house at that point and they can share a room or have seperate spaces.  Charlotte loves sharing a room, and that she has a built in best friend.  I know this move has been hard on her, but I think her room is a special place for her to hang out and reminds her of our old house.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sharing a room

 These girls of mine.  They are the sweetest.  The love they have for each other is amazing.  We decided they would share a room and so when we moved they got a room to share, it is a huge room, as big as our master and it has been working out pretty great for the most part, except at nap time when Char tries to wake up E, because she wants to talk to her.  Otherwise it is amazing how well they have both adjusted to each other.  It also gives us a whole extra space for Russ' office/den area and you guys.  It has exposed brick!! I love it.  We just got a couch for it and I can't wait to show you all our place once I take some pictures :)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Charlotte turns 3

 C is THREE!!!! I can hardly believe it. She is 36 lbs, and 39.5 inches tall.  Still in the 90th percentile for both.  She requested chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, with fairies and 3 pink candles on top for her birthday.  That and chocolate ice cream.  When we woke up Russ made pancakes, we put balloons everywhere, and C opened her presents.  The rest of the day we just played, unpacked more, and hung out.  Then we got Chipotle (C loves their guacamole and chips) and then had cake and ice cream and called it a day.  

Dear Charlotte,
Happy birthday baby girl!! I can hardly believe you are already three years old.  You bring so much joy to our lives, we love watching you learn new things and teach your baby sister.  You find fun in everything that you do, and your imagination is by far the best I have ever seen.  You would play all day if we let you! You love your baby dolls, running, riding your bike, hair bows, wearing your PJs all day, your rain boots, play dough, puzzles, reading, and your baby sister.  You hate when it is time to go to bed, trying new foods, or when it is time to eat.  You are amazing at making friends, and when people feel sad you give the BEST hugs.  Since you turned 3 you promised you would try all the foods we eat, and so far you have done an amazing job! You like spaghetti, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and tacos.  You also like deli meat as long as it is thin sliced.  You eat peanut butter sandwiches now too.  
I love you to the moon and back Char, thanks for making me a mom!


Happy New Years!! We spent NYE with one of my BFF's and her boyfriend who drove from TN to our new place to help us get settled in.  We drank wine, Britt did my hair, and we didn't get dressed up until 11:30 and then took pictures.  It was perfect and so relaxing.  New years always has been such a great new start and this year we celebrated in a new state! We have been here a little less than a week now but it already is feeling like home.  Russ worked so hard getting everything put together, unpacking boxes, and hanging things on the walls.  I love our new place and it has so much space, I will post pictures soon! 
My resolutions this year are:
1.) Step outside my comfort zone- basically it just means meeting new people, exploring new places, and trying new things.  In a new state this will be pretty simple as everything is brand new.
2.) Be intentional with my time- with Russ, the girls, friends, and family.
3.) Get in shape- we start on Monday with T25, then from there we are starting Insanity again, cannot wait!!

That is it.  I am keeping it simple so it is easier to stick to them!  
Hope you all had the best NYE!