Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas happenings

I'm back! sorry its been so long...i don't even know where to start! we got paid last friday and had to do some major christmas shopping (i never EVER go that late and i was so stressed out with all the last minute shoppers I got wrong sizes of everything) moral of the story never ever ever go that close to christmas ever again!

then we had to wrap everything...i got really lazy and wrapped like an 8 year old boy...its probably fine char baby and the hubs don't care at all.  it was Char's first Christmas! she loved eating and playing with the wrapping paper, i think she loved everything people got her.

i got food poisoning on saturday night and threw up everything and slept all day on the was actually kind of nice the hubs brought me things and i slept and it was that much faster to christmas! i woke up feeling great christmas eve and we went to our church's pageant which char LOVED seeing all those angels, and the other kids.  then we had dinner and opened gifts that night, and of course i got christmas insomnia and couldn't fall asleep so i took a nyquil and ptfo and woke up at 7 because of course i was SO EXCITED!!! and then char baby didn't wake up until of course we had to wait on her to open her presents.  then we went over to my in-laws to open gifts.  it also SNOWED so we finally had a white christmas it was wonderful.

and now i am so tired from all the festivities but we have to gear up for C's FIRST birthday on like hasn't hit me that she is going to be one.  then i was thinking about it and it means I am going to be 26 soon and THAT is even freakier.

also it snowed like 7 inches yesterday! i am like a little kid when it comes to snow i seriously get so excited i can't even handle it, i just want to go out and frolic, so i tried to with Char but she was over it in like 5 min but she looked SO cute in her snow pants, and i also realized she really needs some real boots.  its supposed to snow more tomorrow too i really want to go sledding!

anyways that is what has been going on in my life, i have to go get ready to see crazy med school!
 crazy snowing!
 hanging out with the girls
 she is so cute omg
how cute are her snow pants??


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What's on A's Phone?!

so today i subbed at my old middle school for one of my old teachers and the students told me i was pretty, and that i looked like Quinn from Glee. YOU GUYS it made my day. she is my favorite ever and i LOVE her style. anyways here is what is on my phone!

 I have a slight obsession with stripes...
 my 2 favs
 the cutest little half body ever in life
 hahahahah what did we do before emoticons
i told the hubs about this afterwards and he said "well we COULD send her a bag of cat shit! we have plenty of that" hahahahah


Sunday, December 16, 2012


my weekend was wonderful, it was so so awesome to see so many people i hadn't seen in forever!

and now i'm exhausted and just want to lay on my bed and watch movies and eat popcorn and ice cream.

as you all know on friday was that shooting of kids in CT.  i was sick to my stomach and crying hearing about this. i just cannot even believe something like that can happen.  i can't imagine what those families are going through.

anyways. highlights of my weekend:

1.) seeing amazing friends

2.) going to Savas (best food ever in life)

3.) lighting my hair on fire (yes this really did happen to me)

4.) walking a mile home from the bar

5.) on the walk home finding a toilet decorated with stickers in the front yard of a house (only in Ann Arbor)

 before russ' work holiday dinner, we never look this nice so its mandatory to document it
 omg. C loved Santa.
 bff OB (she loves stripes too)
 the yard toilet!
 long lost loves reunited
and this is when my hair caught fire hahaha


Thursday, December 13, 2012


well everyone I did the whole get dressed and shower thing for 30 days, and I am done.  It was hard, and I don't have that much patience to keep it up.  so today i am wearing sweat pants ALL day.  and i just braided my hair.  I think my whole body needs a break from getting dressed!

I did learn that I have a lot of cute clothes and that i have a lot of respect for people with 9-5 jobs that HAVE to get up and dressed every day.

anyways! my cat snores and its hilarious, i think its because she is so fat so she kind of wheezes.  we tried putting her on a diet, but my other cat is super skinny and needs to eat more so it didn't work out.

this weekend my bff OB is coming, also having a girls night with some old work friends from GLPO, and Sunday is the hubs holiday other words i have to look cute 3 days in a row again...the hubs just said "so you feel like you have to go shopping probably" and yes, i kind of do need new skinny jeans (black or forest green is my new obsession).

i want to go to a ball and wear a long gown, i was watching gulianna and bill and she gets fancy all the time for E! news and red carpet stuff. i haven't worn a long dress since my wedding!

what me and char baby did today: NOTHING it was amazing, she is just the best little half body EVER
i have so much fun with her :)
this is my fat cat callie snoring away 


Sunday, December 9, 2012

the weekend

 shirt: old navy, jeans: target, scarf: von maur, boots: steve madden
also isn't this picture so cute? we were at Henry Ford Museum's big christmas tree
 shirt: marshalls, jeans: target, boots: target, sweater: gap

so this weekend went by way too fast...the hubs had to work yesterday, and today we went to Henry Ford museum which was so cool, C loved the trains and the big christmas tree :) then we went over to my in-laws for dinner. we also took our christmas card picture today yay!

my cat is evil. 

i was in a bad mood today so the hubs made me watch elf=instant happiness.

crazy med school texted me that trader joes has cheddar with chocolate in it. OMG.

my bestie olivia is coming this weekend! we fell in a fountain together and have been friends ever since. (yes, a fountain)

i hope the world doesn't really end on the 21st.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Crazy C

 thurs outfit on left: sweater: h and m, leggings: target (i look funny because char is trying to pull me to walk with her)
fri outfit: sweater: calvin klein, tank top: target, jeans: joes jeans
char is wearing tj maxx

so this week has literally flown by...i subbed weds, thurs, and friday at a high school chemistry class...didn't do much but i actually really like high schoolers they are pretty nice, and i literally just wore casual clothes every day.  

i can't wait to get a nice camera, i literally take every picture with my phone, and i love my phone but it will be nice to have a higher quality pixel picture!

yesterday morning the hubs shirt was on backwards AND inside out, he didn't even notice. hahaha

this morning me and my mom went shopping and of course i bought char baby some more christmas outfits...they are so cute i can't even handle it.

 Papa G and C reading
crazy C


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


20 days until christmas :) 

i think char baby uses my hair to hide stuff in. i found 2 blueberries yesterday, first a banana now blueberries...

she is so cute, and her hair is growing a LOT and getting super curly!

my favorite show ever in life is new it! its amazing.

we are taking our christmas fam photos this weekend!! i can't even wait.

the hubs is only 5 lbs away from his goal weight i am SO proud of him.

 top: target, jeans: lauren conrad
char: target
 look at char baby's curls!
 in awe of the tree she literally sat there for 10 min staring at it (then she started pulling ornaments off)
 top: mden, hats: target
char: von maur
long enough for bows!!!


Monday, December 3, 2012


-I have a confession: i didn't get dressed today. i just wore leggings and a sweat shirt...i did shower though! I am just going to do the outfit thing one day longer to make up for it. 

-so the hubs and i have been doing insanity, we are half way thru and i am SO amazed at my results like seriously, i NEVER thought i could do it, and i couldn't of done it without the support of my amazing work out ladies (S,SH,L and A) and also my hubs who motivates me like no other! 

-the other day char had banana for a snack, literally like 5 hours later i was running my hands thru my hair and a BANANA fell out. hahaha

-char is feeling much better today! and she slept forever it was amazing.

-22 more days until christmas! 

-i hate when my feet smell.

 day 1 and day 30
i'm sorry to brag but i am super proud of myself!
its beginning to look a lot like christmas! (except the weather, stupid 65 degrees, i want SNOW!)


Sunday, December 2, 2012

ugly sweaters

we have had a busy few days over here. the hubs and i went out 3 nights in a row which hasn't happened since college...and i am so tired from it! but it was worth it, we saw old friends, celebrated 2 birthdays, and wore some ugly sweaters, it was a blast! char baby is sick so she has been whiny, clingy, and an all around joy to be around lately.  happy december :) its 60 degrees and raining...i wishhhh it was snow. 

 top: old navy, jeans: target, scarf: von maur
char baby has been clingy and teething so she just HAS to be in every picture or hanging on dramatic
 sweaters courtesy of our mothers closets (i am counting this as an outfit picture, i'm bad and didn't take any pictures of my outfit friday night, ask the hubs i did shower and look cute EVERY day)
 top: old navy, jeans: joes jeans
 happy december! (funny story and probably TMI, i was actually going to the bathroom when i took this picture, and the hubs was running back and forth trying to hide because he was only in his undies! at least char looks cute hahahaha)
bff Mel's bday was ugly sweater themed (SO much fun) also R is in the background looking super awkward...its probably fine! like my glasses? I swear my mom and dad had some of these gems when i was born