Monday, March 31, 2014

shopping, baby girl, and balls

You guys. I have a problem. It is called shopping.  What makes it worse is shopping for TWO girls.  I swear everything at Gap just screams my name when I walk in and I have to buy it.  What makes matters worse is that EVERYTHING was 40% off yesterday.  Sooo I kind of went a little crazy.  I am done though, until tomorrow when me and my Mom go to the outlets. But then I am seriously done.  We don't have much to buy for baby girl but I do want the Boba wrap, hubs wants the ergo, and we need diapers obviously.  The only clothes sizes we are missing is 0-9 months so I HAD to go shopping.  That is what I am telling myself anyhow.

Today I am 20 weeks! I feel wonderful, except for heartburn at night does keep me up 2-3 times a week.  I can deal with that though as long as I don't feel like puking.  I have a lot more energy and I am trying to work out every day, just long walks and squats and lunges.  I was running for a little bit but I hate the feeling of things jiggling and it hurt so I stopped.  I crave carrots like no other, seriously I have eaten more carrots this pregnancy then in my whole life combined.  I guess baby girl will have wonderful eye sight! We decided on a name I think! Elizabeth Grace <3 Elizabeth was the hubs Grandma's name, as well as a ton of family on both of my sides, and Grace is my Mom's middle name (as well as her Mom's name) so it has a lot of meaning.  Also it is my BFFs name too (she just spells it differently)! I just love the name it goes so well with Charlotte and its just beautiful.  

When we were at Gap yesterday C kept picking up clothes and handing them to me saying "for Elizabeth Grace mommy" it was seriously the cutest thing I have EVER seen. I also asked C who her bestfriend was the other day and she said "Elizabeth Grace, Mommy, and Daddy" I almost cried it was so cute.  She says the funniest things ever.  She was eating vegetable soup yesterday and there were peas in it (she calls peas "balls") and she YELLED at the top of her lungs "I LIKE BALLS" I seriously peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Its a.....

I wanted to announce it in a really cute way, but I got lazy and just couldn't wait any longer and put it on facebook after telling all of our family and friends....we are having another baby GIRL!!!!!
We couldn't be happier, and are so excited to welcome another beautiful baby girl to our family.  
I knew it was a girl, I had a feeling about it.  The ultrasound went well, ten fingers, ten toes, everything is healthy and looks great.  They waited until literally the LAST second to tell us it was a girl.  I was having nervous sweats, and my heart was beating so hard.  Baby girl was stubborn and had her legs up so we couldn't see anything.  Yesterday I definitely went to baby Gap and got 3 of the sweetest little outfits for baby sister, and me and my mom are heading to the carter's outlet again on Tues to stock up on onesies! We have all the stuff we need for this baby except NB-9 month clothes, so we are doing pretty great! Also I want to find a dresser too but that can wait a little bit.  I am just BEYOND excited and cannot wait to meet this little one.  The hubs is excited too and is officially out numbered.  He loves it.  
I am feeling pretty great, just really tired and my hips are hurting a lot but other then that? I cannot complain!
We can't wait to meet you Baby girl! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Tropics, anniversary, and dog babies

 On Sunday we decided we HAD to get out of our house.  The only bad thing was that it was 20 degrees.  So we decided to go to the Conservatory at the botanical gardens...of course we had to stop by Sbux first to get coffee (decaf for me) and a cookie for our spoiled princess.  
When we got there we found out it was some orchid festival so there were tons of people there wandering around and the flowers were gorg.  C loves the fish and talking to them, so we spent most of our time looking at them, and then the other part we searched for all the fairy doors.  They had SO many this year it was fun for us all to search for them, and all of them were made out of materials you could find in the woods.  Charlotte was in heaven.  Until she got pissed off at us for walking too close to her by the waterfall (srsly the mind of a two year old) and then she was miss attitude for the rest of the time.  It was fun though, and I am glad we got out of the house and went somewhere tropical! 
Today I am 19 weeks, and it is me and the hubs 9 year anniversary of our first date! 
I literally cannot wait.  I keep having dreams about the baby being a girl, then a boy, then a dog.  Let's just hope it isn't a dog.

Monday, March 17, 2014

18 week update

18 weeks today! It is so weird to me how fast this pregnancy is going by.  I have gained 6 lbs so far, which is not bad compared to with C.  I am hoping not to gain as much but lately I have been craving fries and diet coke...sooo just have to slow down on those and hopefully I will be good! I think I am still carrying this baby the same as with C, but I don't know, I can't wait to find out what the gender is!! We find out next week, we are both dying to know what this little peanut is! We kind of know what we will name it if it is a boy, but we have like 5 options for a girl.  Char says to me all the time that she is having a baby GIRL not a boy.  So hopefully if it is a boy C can still be okay with it! Me and the hubs both think it is a girl we will see if we are right!

Over the weekend we went down to OH and stayed with one of the hubs best friends parents for one of the hubs really good friends from college funeral.  It was a good weekend, and the funeral was really really well put together.  The music and the speech about the hubs friend was just perfect, and really helped everyone celebrate her life, rather then feel too sad about her passing.  She was a really wonderful person, really one of the best people I had ever met.  It makes me want to be a better person because of her.  I think the hubs really got the closure he needed, and he got to see most of his best friends from college and that made him so happy.  The weather in OH was 60s and sunny and there was no snow so it was a really nice change from 20 degrees and 2 feet of ice/snow everywhere. 

I planned a mom/daughter trip for me and C when school gets out, we are going to AZ and CA and I am excited to spend some one on one time with my little lady for 8 days.  It will also be nice to get out of this weather and be in warmth and be at the beach for a while.  I am really trying to spend as much mother/daughter time with her as possible before this new baby comes.  I won't really ever have this time again and I feel like I need to really take advantage of it.  

Today is St. Patricks day and I totally spaced and forgot and didn't wear any green...oops! Blaming it on pregnancy brain.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Family Pictures

 I am obsessed with our family pictures.  I am so sad Kari is moving in July so she won't be able to take my newborn shots! I just love how they turned out, her style is my favorite and Charlotte LOVED her which was awesome because she was able to capture C's personality and her beautiful smile!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Morning routine

7-7:30 Charlotte wakes up usually yelling "MOOOMMMMYYYY OUTTTT" even though she has a twin bed and is perfectly capable of getting out of it herself #princess problems

7:30-8 Breakfast usually C will tell us what she wants either toast, yogurt, cereal or a banana 

8-9 We usually head up stairs to shower, get dressed, brush our teeth, put on make up etc.  The hubs got those pictures of us the other morning, this is what goes on every morning C always stands on her stool next to me and puts on "make up" too.  It is one of my favorite times of our day.

9-9:30 Take the hubs to work if he hasn't already caught the bus

9:30-11 play, do errands, anything really

11-11:30 Lunch time!

11:30-12:15 play a little bit longer and then clean up the huge mess monster C has created

12:30-1 read and get ready for nap time

1-3:30 NAP TIME aka probably one of the best times of my day where I nap, shower if I haven't already, eat my own lunch, clean or veg out watching TV.

That is I am sure the most riveting thing you have read all day. Your welcome.

Friday, March 7, 2014

16 week update

This is crazy. I feel like my belly looks the exact same but maybe a teeny bit smaller then with Charlotte.  I love taking my pictures from with C and comparing to this baby.  I probably drive everyone crazy with all the pictures I send's probably fine.  I was like 15 lbs heavier before getting pregnant with C then I was getting pregnant with this baby, so maybe that is why I look bigger with C.  I love being a small preggers person at least for the first 6 months, then I look huge...I mean I FEEL huge.  
I finally don't feel like throwing up any more and it is the best.  I still get really bad stomach cramps if I don't eat veggies, which I guess is a good thing! I pee a lot more, and I LOVE foot rubs.  I still am wearing non maternity clothes, and the belly band from Target has saved my life.  I got a white one and a nude one and just wear them with my jeans, but lets be serious for the most part I just wear leggings.  I crave asiago bagels with cream cheese, carrots, apples, cheez-its, pizza, sharp cheddar cheese, salads, ice cream, and milk.  I don't have many weird cravings, but I don't like eggs or chicken really right now.  All smells get to me, especially when C has a # 2 diaper I cannot stand it.  
I have weird dreams.  But honestly I ALWAYS have had weird dreams, they just get weirder every day though.  
I am so excited because me and C are taking a girls trip in May to see our good friends who just moved in Arizona, and then we will be driving to San Diego, CA and then to Santa Barbara and Santa Monica, and probably Laguna Beach as well.  We will be gone for about 10-11 days while the hubs gets a TON of work done.  We will miss him, but I am so excited to do this trip with my girl.  I hope I am not too preggers to enjoy the trip, I don't think I will be because we are going at the beginning of May.  
That is what is new and exciting in my life!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Comfortable and Relaxing

 Charlotte's room is one of my favorite places in our house.  It just is so girly, and comfortable, and relaxing.  From the very beginning I didn't want anything too matchy or hot pink furniture.  I figured her furniture could last until she is at least 10 or even longer if I kept it simple and clean.  I pulled all the colors from the Alice and Wonderland poster framed above her bed, that poster has special meaning to me as it was in my own childhood bedroom.  There are hot pinks, lavenders, light greens, grey, and blues in her room.  I am seriously so in love with her room, and she loves it too.  Even though we will be moving in 7 months I still wanted her to have a room she can call her own, and in our new place it will be easy to recreate. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

C's room/16 week update

Over the weekend we had big plans. Not really all we had planned was to go to IKEA and get a mattress for Charlotte's twin bed.  I am not going to lie I cried (blaming it on the preggers hormones) when I saw her so happy and reading like this in her new "big girl bed" (that is what she calls it).  We got a comforter and that side rail at IKEA too, and got out of there not spending an arm and a leg like we thought we were going to have to.  In FL C slept in a full sized bed all 4 nights we were there, and she loved it, so we decided once we got home that she didn't need her toddler/crib bed anymore.  The transition has been a lot smoother then I thought, and I am so happy she loves it.  I didn't want to stress her out right before the baby came by switching over beds, that is a lot of change for a little girl so I am glad we did it in March and not July.  We took off her changing table too and it opened her room right up.  We also took her rocking chair out of there and put it in the new babies room/play room.  I am trying not to get into nesting, but I am literally obsessed with everything being clean, and put away lately.  Which is weird because I am only 16 weeks...
I am 16 weeks today! I think I felt the baby kick last night, but in all honesty? It probably was gas.  
My bump is about dead on what it looked like with C, the hubs thinks I am carrying a little higher, but it is hard to tell because I still am pretty small.  I cannot WAIT to find out what this little baby is on March 26.  23 days.  I was convinced for awhile it was a boy, but now I kind of am thinking girl.  It will be fun to find out in a few weeks! Then we can really start planning :)