Thursday, August 29, 2013

What's on A's phone?!

 // skinny jeans day, I love matching with my little fav//
 //I got us shoes at Nordstrom Rack the other day, while we were trying them on C decided she had to poop. Of COURSE I didn't bring the diaper bag in with me so I rushed us out of the store as soon as possible (I still bought the shoes before leaving the store obvi)//
 // playing with chalk in the driveway //
 // bffs //
 // our long road trip //
 // mid run //
 // hey mom I can drive the car this way //
 // walk around the block //
 // my girl is rocking her curls...I am never cutting them //
 // love these two //

** Thank you L for this idea! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

East Coast

Brunch in CT
the best food
 We are back! Such an amazing trip.  Also I don't know how I survived that long of a drive with a toddler, but we are alive, a little grumpy, lots and lots of laundry to do, but happy to be home! If you ever get a chance to go to the East Coast, take it! It is just so beautiful.  Here are some pictures,  I took like 300 so I won't put you through all of those!

We met up with one of the hubs bestfriends/roomates from college
she was so happy to get out of the car
we took a short hike after setting everything up, that cup has a well deserved beer in it

the sunsets were so magical
we were about to cook dinner and our stove broke that we brought, we cooked everything over the fire which didn't turn out so bad!

Boston water front

Friday, August 16, 2013

10 day hiatus

We are leaving! For 10 days! I am so overwhelmed with everything I can't forget...this morning we went to this farm with some of our baby/mom friends isn't this picture the cutest ever? I love those kids they are just so sweet.  C was being dramatic and cried most of the time we were there I think maybe she was overwhelmed or something who ever knows with toddlers though.  Wish us luck on the road with a toddler! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

pigtails and skinny jeans

I love this girl.  I can't even handle her cuteness sometimes. Like really she is mine? Also she will be 2 in 4.5 short months...what in the WORLD!?
I have major baby fever. I swear to god babies follow me everywhere.  At work, the park, it is getting a little bit crazy.  

We leave for our 10 day East coast road trip this weekend, and I am so proud of us!! We saved up a lot of money for this trip, and tonight after work I added the last $30 and MAN did that feel good.  We definitely made it rain, no srsly we did it was so fun.  I just can't even wait to spend quality time with my family and explore, camp, see old friends, family, and yeah traveling with a toddler is never fun but I think in the big scheme of things I won't even remember, but the memories we will make will definitely trump whatever car nonsense C will throw at us (thats what I keep telling myself at least).

I am bummed though because I am missing the Kenny Chesney concert, and a white water rafting trip... #firstworldproblems

Monday, August 12, 2013

go away rain

It was rainy when we woke up today so we decided to dress up in fancy dresses and jump on the bed.  I just love this little girl with all my heart.  We have so much fun, the only thing that could have made it better was if the hubs had joined us! We kicked Monday in the butt, and a rainy one at that!

After we played upstairs for awhile, we got in our jammies and sat out on the porch and watched the rain.  Perfect. Day. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013


I looove my phone. I just wish the picture quality was as great as my fancy camera, because these are my favorite pics from this week/weekend!! holy balls. me and the hubs are in so much pain from our going down stairs or doing anything is sooo hard...poor us.  I CAN'T WAIT FOR VACATION!!!! Also babies are following me.  I literally see the CUTEST babies everywhere I go. 


Yesterday we went to the zoo, it was a really pretty day and all the animals were out, Char loved the bears the best, and kept saying: "rarrr" over and over again.  Next time we go we are going to stay near the front so we can check out the butterfly house, and the penguins.  We never have time to do those because it is almost lunch, or C is grumpy.

This morning the hubs and I ran 13.1 hard holy crap but I think we are beginning to realize we can actually run this full marathon we signed up for in October.  I still kind of want to shit my pants when I think of running 26.2 miles in 10 weeks...but it is getting a little easier to see myself crossing the finish line.  

We are leaving on our road trip next weekend so i began my packing list and being gone for 10 days is no joke, the hubs is just packing the day before, but I am a planner so I have to know what I will wear and have to be packed like usually at LEAST three days before...its probably fine for our honeymoon I definitely packed like 3 weeks before it.