Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's on A's Phone?!

 **copying this idea from L  :) 

 library, taking a stupid test on Japan for 2 hours...
 i sent this picture to my friend S and she said "WRONG WAY C" hahaha but srsly isn't she so cute with her tutu and headband? 
 so chic
 C decided to put the bow on Francisco...its probably fine we think he is gay anyways
 C and E hanging out at the mall
 my mom put a starbucks thing around her sippy cup so she could be like us, she was obsessed with it all day long
this. bow.


the best sub ever

sweater: ASOS, tights: macy's, skirt: old navy, boots: steve madden

it says "best sub ever, Mrs. B" my 4th graders i love made this for me...<3
what is with this weather? i mean really. i almost had a heart attack this morning driving to sub, a car literally RIGHT in front of me flipped over in a ditch, TWO semi trucks went into a ditch i am so lucky i made it to work i had the biggest adrenaline rush of my life...who needs coffee GOD.

isn't that sign SO cute??! just what i needed after that crazy ride.

i am so excited because the hubs booked a night away for my birthday AND dinner at a fancy restaurant AND he already asked my mom to babysit. srsly. best hubby everrrr. i love my bday and last year i still felt huge from having char baby, and we came home at 11 p.m. to a screaming THIS year i feel skinny, we have a babysitter AND we get to get all dressed up.

also its date night tonight but we are including Charlotte because we are just going to BWW for 60 cent wings and it will literally take 20 min to scarf down food.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

club halle

currently I am at school in the library, which by the way they used to say "come to club halle" (thats our libs name...) who the fudge would come rage at a library??! so lame.  anyway I am in the library drinking a mocha frap, doing my homework and quizzes and i let out a HUGE burp like so big I didn't even know it was coming... i should probably also mention i am on the quiet study floor, so there is legit no other noise. also i burp like a man. ohhh well. its probably fine

i was skyping with my bff L last night (she is the one I went with to Nicaragua) and she was wondering if she should just stay there or come home.  well i vicariously live through her adventures and i told her to stay so what is she going to do? travel to her hearts content.  she is also SO TAN i can't handle it.  I am SO jealous.  but also its super exciting because she might come to MICHIGAN for grad school. this means I get her all to myself for 2 whole years. well i have to share her with other people but SRSLY i am so excited she better come here so we can have more adventures. 
me and bff L back in the day

I am going to target today! yayy also i went yesterday too, but all I got was a baby doll for C, medicine, and ice cream.  so boring god. but TODAY i am going to get myself a black maxi skirt. I have the perfect idea ever in life on how to wear it.  also I want pink or red hunter boots for my birthday.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

teeny tiny pig tails

this is my absolute fav pic of char baby she is about 3 months old here hahaha omg.
Valentines day is coming up and I am getting kind of excited.  I love wearing pink and it just gives me an excuse to go get Char a tutu! I am obsessed with her and tutu's.

I have a lot i want to do in terms of crafts i have been pinteresting like crazy lately and i have this completely blank wall in my room and I want to really decorate it (we have been living here for a full 8 months and I still haven't fully finished our room!). We are picking up Char baby's year pictures in a few days and there are a few I am going to frame plus I found this big letter "B" (our last name initial) and I am going to spray paint it silver and put it under her pictures.  I am going to get a few other things to put on the wall too.  I will do a before and after for you guys don't worry.

C grew some more hair last night and she has enough for TEENY tiny pig tails...omg. i die.

RACHEL ZOE (my like fav show, even the hubs watches it with me bc he is obsessed with Roger her hubby) is coming back MARCH 6!!!! I can't even wait.  the hubs and i started calling each other babe a lot after we watched her show.  i just love her.


Monday, January 28, 2013

5 things

my weekend was fun crazy. med students after exams=craziness.  honestly though it was one of the best weekends i have had in a while...i think i just needed to let loose and forget about responsibilities. we built a huge snowman, had a lot of wine, hot tubbed, went tubing, rocked out to t swift, and had a blast. up north is so pretty right now with all the snow on the trees, thanks for inviting me crazy med school :)

the second i got back the hubs was sick and i had to clean and pick up my mom from the airport, while it was snow raining i thought i was going in a ditch. but we got classes cancelled today, and char baby slept in so whatevs.

i am obsessed with taylor swifts new album, we listened to it like all weekend and srsly that girl can sing.

also obsessed with nashville.

last night when i was trying to go to sleep my neighbor started shoveling his driveway. he didn't stop until midnight.


Friday, January 25, 2013

what makes me happy right now

shirt and jeans: Tj maxx, jacket: Target
goddd i wish i didn't look so deer in the head lights...someday i will get it down...

snow i am loving all this snow we are getting, its my favorite time of year, and last year we didn't get ANY so I am just enjoying this for awhile

char baby i thought her nap was over at 2:30 but apparently she decided it wasn't and is still sleeping yayy

my new leather jacket well its pleather from target, and i got it on SALE for 17 dollars.  I have been looking FOREVER for this and I finally found it best day ever!

mexican food char baby and I met up with the hubs for lunch today and got the most delicious mexican food ever. we also found out C loves chips and guac

have a great weekend!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

bunny ears and no pants

shirt: Kohls, Jeans: target, boots: steve madden

sorry i look so weird in both of these pictures, the hubs was taking them and made me feel awkward. i mean its probably fine because I always look awkward in pics anyhow. oh well. 

Last night i went out for a drink with one of my favorite mom friends J, we had never hung out without the kids before, and it was so much fun we talked, laughed, and had a drink without the kids interrupting.  We went to one of my besties new restaurants Vellum  they just opened recently, it was just so nice to hang out and have a girls night, and when we left it was was just the perfect night.

I am so excited for this weekend. I am going up north with crazy med school  and I. Can. Not. Wait.

today after we had dinner we took off Charlotte's pants because they were COVERED in pasta sauce...then I put her bunny ears head band on and all of a sudden the hubs said "umm A? our daughter is wearing no pants and BUNNY ears...this is every dad's WORST nightmare" hahahahahahahah omg. #itsprobablyfine


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Story: Part 2

The day of our first date I had a water polo game, so R came to it.

After the game we went to stucci's (an ice cream place) it was March 24, right at the end of our senior year we talked for a few hours about everything.

afterwards we took a walk down town and went into Borders (a book store) we listened to some music he jokingly said the song "wake me up before you go go" was "our song" (so cheesy, but I loved it) then he took me home and walked me to my door, and we had our first kiss a teeny little peck I remember shutting the door and doing a happy dance (like full on jumping up and down)

we ended up going to the same college (randomly, he had decided early decision back in December, and I had decided the day before our first date)

fast forward a few years later

it was the summer before our senior year of college, July 7th, we decided to go on a picnic and get dressed up (if you know me you know how i LOVE getting dressed up) I remember i was watching tv before getting ready and thinking, "oh I only need like 20 min to get ready its just a picnic"

Little did I know what was about to happen....

My bff J had texted me that day saying:
"what if you get engaged tonight?!?"
I just said "hahaha that won't happen for awhile trust me"
and I then proceeded to text R what she had said...
his response:"haha see you in a few hours"

So, my hair looked awful, I wasn't wearing matching shoes, the only cute thing I was wearing was my dress.

It had just been raining so the park we went to was pretty empty except a few joggers

R was acting super weird after we ate and I could tell something was up, that he was hiding something in his hands (being me i just thought it was a present or dessert for me or something)

I asked him what he was hiding and if I could have it...
he said: "you can have it but I have to preface it with something first"

Then it hit me, I knew what was about to happen.

I had butterflies.

My heart was racing.

I thought "oh NOOO my hair looks AWFUL"

He came around the other side of the picnic table and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Of course I said yes!


What's on A's Phone?!

i hate parking at my school. i literally stalked people for half an hour this morning. not my idea of a fun morning...

here is what is on my phone this week:

 my sock bun turned out amazing the other day so I had the hubs take a picture
 outfit inspiration i love lace
 the girls running around the house it was a busy morning
 hahaha OB sent me this the other day she was wearing a snuggie and her friends hat bc she was freezing
 mini fashionista 
she saw me putting a scarf on and wanted one too so she pranced around the house with this on for most of the morning
 it can't even get cuter.
 my dad always calls her his secretary, so i sent him this picture and said "your secretary is hard at work" hahah she loves banging on his desk its hilare


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Story: Part 1

The hubs and I met technically in 7th grade at our local swim/dive club.

little did I know that I would marry "the boy in the blue shorts" he was my first slow dance at our swim banquet...he went to a different school then me and ended up dating another girl until the middle of freshman year.

my brother dated the same girl. haha

we had a few classes together (i had a crush, he didn't notice me)

then everything changed our senior year of high school. first semester we had two classes together, and we began talking and being friendly, we sat next to each other in english and made fun of our teachers long hair.

he began dating a girl in class and moved to sit by her...i was devastated.

i didn't show it though and made fun of him for switching seats with my friend.

they only dated for a little while, and THEN I finally had my chance.

a mutual friend was in my class and asked me who I liked, I told her, she then asked him if he had any interest in me...he said "well more of a friend, I am kind of into this other girl" I was crushed.

well that didn't work out with the girl, and two weeks later he asked me on a date.

i refused. (i told all my friends i would NEVER date him, he was weird blah blah blah)

then my baby bff L came to visit.

we went and timed the guys swim team meet, R was there diving of course.

all of us girls were gathered around in a circle deciding where we were going to go after the meet, R came up and asked me what my plans were i said: "I think we are going to go to TGI Fridays" totally oblivious to what he was implying.

I told my baby bff L I liked him that night.

the next week at school he asked me out again.

This time, I said yes.

to be continued...


Monday, January 21, 2013

trying out maxi

Skirt: Gap, Shirt: Gap, Scarf: Macy's, Earrings: Claire's
Baby: Carters 

first of all: Char baby wanted to wear my scarf this moring so i let her and she was walking around the house all happy and excited.  

second of all: i am trying out the maxi skirt!! and the verdict is that I actually do love it. the hubs said he likes it too, but he feels like its more for summer (i'm sure he is cringing right now that i told the world wide web this) but he has great taste...its true R you do. i need to get my poses down, right now i feel so awk. #itsprobablyfine

third of all: i'm working on my camera settings, it will get better, at least it isn't my phone any more!

also this morning me and the hubs decided to go get coffee and as C and I were waiting patiently in the car for him to come back this old lady proceeds to jump in front of my window and YELL "DON'T WORRY I DON'T NEED MONEY" scaring the bajesus out of me and then she ran away like a bat out of hell. i swear to you this is real life. if C could talk she would tell you the same thing! like of course this happens to me.

its SNOWING!! best day ever. i am enjoying snuggling with char baby, drinking hot chocolate (with marshmallows duh) and watching the snow fall. happy monday!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

perfect weekend

1.) on Friday I went out for drinks with a friend at a bar near my much fun.

2.) on Saturday we went over to one of C's baby friends house for a get together for her bday, i got to shoot a gun (omg it was SO FUN) bottle of wine later and i was SO sick.  I went to bed at 8 p.m. no seriously i did.  C didn't feel too great either, but she slept ALL night so thank goodness.

3.) today we went to the mall play area and we saw some friends with their 12 day old baby omg she was the sweetest thing ever in wrinkles and baby smell <3 then we went to Pizza house (we have not been there in like a year...) because my parents left us some money and told us to treat ourselves to pizza. #bestparentsever

it was a pretty perfect weekend PLUS i don't have school tomorrow so i can spend all day with my little favorite yayy.

and next weekend i'm going with crazy med school up north for a baby free weekend! can. not. wait.

i want to start trying out maxi skirts...i will keep you posted!

our weekend in pictures:

 me and the hubs <3
 little favorite at the party
 princesses: c is almost 13 months, Mirah is almost 12 months, and Bella is 10 months
 she loves my purse...i mean she has great taste!
lounging on my bed


Friday, January 18, 2013

date night

date night was a success! we went to our fav restaurant in A2 and had drinks, apps, dinner, AND dessert. omg we only spent 12 of our own dollars because we are fatties and had to get dessert! then we went and saw this is 40, HILARE. go see it.  seriously so glad we did because it was so much fun to just spend time together without C, if you have never had a kid trust me when i say after the age of 5 months, do not bring your baby with you to restaurants. gone are the days where they just sleep through everything and leave you in peace.

have a good weekend!!


Thursday, January 17, 2013


1.) its thursday!! which means its date night! I love date night, probably because we NEVER go out anymore (we are trying to be responsible and save money...blah) but we got a few gift cards for christmas, and so its going to be a totally free date night! (well for us at least). I am so excited.

2.) today I subbed for my little favorite class of 4th graders, they are so so cute and as I was leaving (they were working with whiteboards on math) one of them wrote "you are the best sub ever" and i just about cried it made me so happy!!! those kids are awesome, one of them asked today what a spiders habitat was and another one answered "my dads SHOES" hahahaha i died laughing.

3.) i know i keep saying this but my cat has awful dingleberries and she stinks SO BAD. we really need to get her a hair cut...she just hates them and i feel awful leaving her there but its so much better for my sanity (i have a really good sense of smell, blessing and a curse) last time i by accident told them to give her a lion cut and she looked SO pitiful but we couldn't stop laughing at her because of how funny she looked!

 the hubs yells "A come take a picture HURRYYY" and so I found this. impossibly cute
 taking pics of ourselves entertains us for at LEAST 20 min of every day
while i was subbing today R sent me this text "FYI doggies say "yay"" hahahah we are working on it.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What's on A's Phone?!

a whole lot of my little favorite!

 haha she is so fancy 
 smiling at the hubs 
 rare night out 
 omg mom these socks taste amazinnng
 my dad bought these for her and they are SO loud 
 she wanted my headband how could i say no? 
 the hubs got these pj pants for me for christmas (from target duh) and i love them
its probably fine i wear them almost every day
cupcake bum

Monday, January 14, 2013


I just had THE BEST weekend ever in life. (my lovely mom always says "the best" in a funny voice to C baby and so me and the hubs have kind of picked it up and say it. all. the. time. hahaha i will take a video sometime) 

i want tina fey and amy poehler to be my bff's they are hilare, and i hope they continue to do the golden globes, also what the fudge was up with Anne Hathaway? she was not funny and i swear to god she was drunk.  my friend S was texting me during it and said that her tv made everyone look like normal people and that we could totally be famous.  then i started looking on pinterest at fashion and got sad bc my style board isn't my real life closet...poor me.  

the hubs always says he has no idea what goes through my head when i am having a convo with him because it will start off normal but then completely turn into something else. for example we are talking about apples, then i will start thinking about picking apples, then i will start thinking about worms, then i will start thinking about how gross worms are, and THEN i say to him "ew i hate stepping on worms when it rains" because i actually DO hate that, i feel mean and gross at the same time. but R thinks its weird because i go from talking about apples to worms.  then i have to explain to him my train of thought...its exhausting really.

so we figured out why Char was being so dramatic the past couple of days or so, she had a fever (oops we didn't think about that) so now she is fine because we gave her some tylenol and let her sleep.  she is back to normal yayy.

i'm sitting at school right now and you guys it STILL smells like bacon. what. the. fudge. by the way i am saying fudge now because i am trying to not swear anymore for Char baby's sake, i am seriously surprised her first word WASN'T the f bomb.  

i am in a really great mood, i am having a great hair day (its curly yay!) and I slept my required 8 hours (seriously i need 8 hours or more because otherwise i am not fun to be around) and I get to go to Target later yayyyy 

anyways i have to go to class with all my 18-21 year old friends (i know you are extremely jealous right now)


Friday, January 11, 2013


leggings: target, shirt: von maur, jacket: h and m, earrings: target
baby: my belly

I kind of brought back the outfit pictures, but its not going to be every day i just felt kind of cute today so i put one up. C is a grump.  but oh well, I kind of was too, its super gloomy outside and I am sure she just wants to be outside playing instead of cooped up indoors.  

i had some crazy dreams last night, i was in atlanta with the real housewives and Nene was my bff, and her grandbaby and C were bff's...random.

So yesterday I just felt awful and drained and so the hubs took me to coldstone, where i got heaven in a bowl...oreo overload: LOVE IT size.  I normally can't really finish a love it size, but last night I devoured it.  its probably fine.

anyways, I am so glad its Friday, have a great weekend everyone :)


Thursday, January 10, 2013

I brag

Char baby is SO smart!!! i am going to brag.  today while we were reading a book i told her to point to the teddy bear, tree, baby, toothbrush and dog and SHE DID IT! I can't even believe it.  in class yesterday my professor said that teaching kids is special. when you do it, and do it well you feel 100% drained of all of your energy at the end of every day.  well that is how i feel every single day with C, completely drained, like i want to lay on my bed with a glass of wine and chocolate cake, every. single. night. so I guess I am doing something right!

I just love her so much, and sometimes when she is really getting on my nerves in the car or like last night she took my pen i was writing in my planner with and stabbed my neck i get really mad, but then i realize she is only 12 months old, and she will only be like this for a little while, and then i try to just remember the moments that have made up this wonderful one whole year with her.  She is the very best thing that i have ever done, and i cannot wait to do it all over again in a few years.

today my mom and i took C to the outlets, it is a 45 min drive but so worth it. we spent entirely too much money on her, but she got SO many cute new clothes.  I don't even really shop for myself is so weird but now i just love baby clothes.  she is a giant though and the hubs is actually kind of excited that she will be taller then him someday.

i really really need a nice camera.