Monday, March 30, 2015

My skincare routine

So I have never been a huge skincare person like AT ALL.  I was a swimmer my whole life up until sophomore year of college.  Then I just would wash my face every night before bed and that was it.  In November I met this girl at my friends birthday and she told me about Rodan and Fields, I had never heard about it before and was curious so I googled it, and holy crap I found so many amazing before and afters! I had to try it.  So I tried a few samples and ended up LOVING them.  I decided to become a consultant for them (hello 25% off!) and just figured it would be a little side gig.  Well almost 2 months later my skin feels so much better, I am making more money then I thought I would, and I love helping people make their skin feel better!! (email me if you need anything would LOVE to help you love your skin :)

Anyway. I use these products and my skin feels like a babies bottom it is so smooth.
1.) Macro Exfoliator: I use this once a week, sometimes once every other week for 5 minutes and the next day my face is seriously SO SMOOTH, it gets rid of SO much dead skin, it really grosses me out when I look at the filter and I see tons of flakes!

 2.) Redefine PM overnight restoring cream: I love the whole Redefine regimen in itself, but this cream makes my face feel so moisturized and it smells amazing.  I just use it every night before I go to sleep.

3.) Redefine eye cream.  My circles underneath my eyes were insane.  Elizabeth does not sleep well at night and now nobody can even tell that I haven't slept because my circles are gone!! I use this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Elle is 7 Months

 Happy 7 months baby girl! You have gotten 2 teeth this month, eaten lots more solid food, started pulling up on things, kind of started to crawl (you don't get super far and you mostly go backwards) babble, kind of say mama and dada but not really just mostly baba, you smile, laugh, wave your arms around and think your big sister is pretty much the coolest thing ever. You drool like nobody's business and I think more teeth are on the way! You had your flu shot last week and got weighed at 17 lbs 8 oz, and 27 inches long.  In the 85th percentile for both.  Me and your Daddy think you will be a little shorter then your big sister but we will see! Your hair is lightening up a lot this month and is growing so much faster then your big sisters!! You love being in the ergo, our cat, this huge pink ball, playing peek a boo, peaches, being in your high chair, swinging, baths, and being outside.  You hate sleeping, going to sleep, green beans, when people don't pay attention to you, and getting in your car seat.
We love you so much Elizabeth, you are the sweetest addition to our family!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Five on Friday

This week was just as exhausting as last week was! I feel like it was JUST Friday, teething babies are NOT fun.  The weather was also crazy this week, Weds was PERFECT and then it was cold and rainy the rest of the week.

Anyways! Here is my Five on Friday:

1.) Wednesday was perfect.  It was 75 degrees and sunny.  We literally stayed outside the entire day, skipped nap and just played.  I think it made one 3 year old super happy to run around and get all her energy out.  E was on the swing for probably an hour and she couldn't get enough!

2.) This picture was also on Wednesday, E was just so happy it was nice to see her smile after being a complete tyrant and keeping us all awake from about 2 am on.  I think this is our first selfie together where we are both smiling :)

 Don't let this sweet face fool you, those two teeth she made us ALL work for, but they really are so cute I can't stay upset with my lack of sleep.  I think we are getting maybe 4 hours every night.  Any ideas on how to keep her asleep? I need all the help I can get, we got so lucky with C she slept 10 hours a night starting at 7 weeks old so I am a fish out of water with this one and her awful sleeping habits! She sleeps in her crib and goes to bed around 7 then she wakes up around 11 and FREAKS out and usually won't go back to sleep until 12:30-1 and then she is just up every 2-3 hours.  It is super tiring.  HELP!

4.) Since my week has been full of whiny, clingy, needy kids (I am sorry to complain so much really it wasn't THAT awful) Russ came home with these tulips and it made me smile :) I have a good guy.

5.) I dropped my phone today and it shattered.  I know, cherry on top of my week huh? So I have to go get it fixed tomorrow and it actually turns out its at a mall that I have never been to yet so I am kind of excited to check it out! I am going alone too.  Coffee. Walking around by myself. Cannot wait!

Hope you all have had a WAY better week then me, and a great weekend!!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015


 Charlotte takes naps still sometimes during the day, and when she does I am NEVER dissapointed in her sleep positions.  I literally do not know how she does this.  But at night too she finds the weirdest way to sleep and sleeps.  I only wish I could take pictures at night I made a hashtag on Instagram  #charlottesnaps and Russ told me after I made the hashtag that it sounds like "Charlotte SNAPS" ha oops.  It is becoming my favorite thing though, and Sandi suggested I make a coffee table book with all these pictures as a conversation starter, so I am totally going to.  I think she will love looking back on this some day! My brother was a crazy sleeper too growing up, and I think she takes after him.  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Feeling Better

My Sweater: Free People (Similar) Jeans: Nordstrom (sold out)( Similar ) Boots: Target (Similar )
Russ Shirt: Nordstrom (Similar), Vest: Target 

We are finally recovered from getting sick and decided we HAD to get out of the house today so after we went grocery shopping and had nap time (which ends up being yelling/singing/screaming time for Char) we got out of the house and explored a little.  We found this awesome graffiti and I decided to make everyone stop and take pictures.  They love me I promise, the life of a photagrapher's family haha.  It was nice to actually get dressed today in REAL pants, and do my hair AND make up.  Since we were sick all week it was pajamas and sweatpants and hair in a top knot.  I actually looked at myself in the mirror today and was shocked at how I looked with actual make up on! 
We got to eat my cake and I got to blow out my candles finally last night, yay to drawn out birthdays! I am just glad everyone finally feels better, except for C who has a bad attitude and a lingering cough but hopefully that changes asap.  We are pretty sick of the tantrums/screaming fits when: we tell her to go to the bathroom, blow her nose, set the table, pick out books, or when the cat runs away and "I WANTED TO PET HIMMM" or when she says she needs help with something, we help her and she "DIDN'T WANT HELP".  Good god woman make up your mind!
Hope you all had a great weekend!