Wednesday, October 31, 2012

candy and pumpkins


Char baby is an elephant! She is just so cute I can't even stand it!

She is the cutest baby ever in life and I just love her to pieces!

We are going trick or treating later today, just to a few houses (lets be serious its more for the hubs and I to get candy) and then passing out candy to the rest of the kids.

I swear to god there is an animal inside my car, like behind the dashboard.  I hear this weird scratching sound all the time, and I have looked EVERYWHERE for this sound...I hope there isn't a mouse or something I think I would pee my pants.

C is 10 months old today...2 months until her BIRTHDAY!!!
Have a fun halloween!!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

flats and skinny jeans

today was day 2 of insanity.

i am so sore.

i had to sub today at my old high school, it was so weird to be back there after so long.  it felt like one of those bad dreams you have about school and finding the class room and being late.  it was actually a lot easier then some elementary schools i have subbed at.

also i thought it was wayyy warmer out today then it was and i left the house in flats and skinny jeans

bad idea...should of worn the uggs.

 char baby saying mama, it makes me so happy, also sorry about the mess
 miss attitude (she gets that from R obviously)
 hahaha all bundled up
 i let C snuggle with me in my bed during her nap...long story short she is nuts and had to go back to her room
omg she is the cutest ever


Monday, October 29, 2012

mailmen and uggs

-so, today i discovered the best mocha i have ever tasted.  it came from great lakes coffee over by west gate in ann arbor.  they put dark chocolate in it and even an extra FREE shot of expresso.  it was expensive but holy moly it was good.  i also decided today i am not going to capitalize anything.  it looks funny to me for some reason.

-we had a good weekend, nothing really amazing happened.  it is really windy here today, and freezing, but its good because its UGG season :) the hubs hates uggs, but i love them.  char baby has a pair and i have a pair and they are just so nice and warm i love it.

-i was hoping i would get in the mail today my acceptance letter from eastern...but stupid mail man didn't bring it :( i get mad at the mail man not the place because they are the ones delivering it.  i love my mail man usually, he is so nice and always asks how my day is going, always says hi to baby c, and always has a smile on his face.  AND he always comes right at noon.

-today the hubs and i start insanity.  we are so excited because we are in competition with another couple at the end of 2 months whoever looks the best buys the other dinner at buffalo wild wings.  i love wings so i am going to win.  we took before pics today, i will post the before and after at the end of 2 months, so you can all be amazed.

-i leave for nicaragua in 6 days....I AM SO EXCITED!!!

-i forgot to put on deodorant today...its probably fine

-our weekend in pictures:

 i mean how good do those blocks taste anyhow?
 playing awww
 flying babyyy

 we went out for halloween but didn't dress up 
 hahaha the unibrowwww! (m is frida kahlo) 
 k and me

 this is the cutest
mohawk from her hat hahah


Friday, October 26, 2012

What's on A's Phone?!?

Happy FRIDAY! Yayy I love weekends...the hubs had to go into work early this morning, i barely remember him leaving! It is so rainy and gloomy outside.  My friend put it the best "total gloom fest" so I wore halloween colors today, also the monster (C baby, we are awful we call her freak monster) went down for her nap without a fight today! Me-1 baby-0 so I actually got to shower at a decent time!  

Anyway here is what is on my phone this week, I didn't realize it but there are a lot of animal pictures and none of R! Next week I will make sure to take more with him!! Sorry R!

 i sent this to crazy med school with the caption "STUDY" 
 omg so sweet
 for the longest time cody wasn't a fan of the monster, but now they are BFF's
 hahaha she is a hot mess <3 
 cuddle time
 I love this because of cody in the background (and my new DRESS from that amazing website)
 char baby likes to take every single book off her bookshelf and put it on the floor...then she loses interest and makes me clean it up (this happens at least once a day, pay back is going to happen when she is older i am thinking the litter box hahaha)
Baby C's room, I just love it

oh jeez. char baby is awake...10 MINUTES! thats all she napped for.  I guess its baby-1 me-0 now! Also my dog pooped on the carpet by the door today (she gets scared about rain) and so THAT was fun to clean up...then C tried to crawl and touch the poop while i was cleaning it then I took us to Starbucks and thank god the hubs gave his free drink to me because i got a GRANDE mocha frap...with extra whip...i was bad but whatever I haven't had one in a WEEK! Anyway we are having baby j and his parents over for dinner tonight, we are excited so i have to go clean...

Have a good weekend everyone!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

cranky pants

Char baby is supposed to be napping right now, she was miss cranky pants all morning, and the second I put her down for a nap she starts chatting away.  She is nuts sometimes... while I wait for miss thing to fall asleep I guess I will answer another question!

20. Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood

1.) I remember playing with my neighbor (my boyfriend) when I was 4 living in Dallas, TX and he shined a flash light into my eyes and I couldn't see for like 2 minutes.

2.) I remember when we moved from TX to MI and the first snow was SO magical, my brother and I saved the snow and put it in the freezer...(haha we had no idea how much snow we were in for)

3.) I remember all of our great family trips to Colorado growing up.

Remember how I said I was sick? Well I am not anymore, I took benedryl 2 nights in a row and PTFO it was nice to get some sleep, I did have really crazy dreams though about bats, huge giraffes, and chocolate chip cookie dough.  I won't go into detail it just is way too nuts.

 my bestie
 she loves my clothes...I mean she has good taste
 brown bear is her fav
I love this top...omg the BOW 


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

cookies and my slice of heaven

I'm sick :( poor me.

19. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

That is a very good question...I have a few answers.  First would be near Boulder, Colorado.  I grew up going out to CO every summer until I was 12 or 13...I absolutely love it out there with all the mountains, fresh air, healthy people, is just my tiny slice of heaven!  Another place I have always wanted to live was somewhere in the south...I love southern accents, love being warm, and love the sun shining all the time.  Who knows where we will end up but I love adventures sooo I don't really care where!

 aren't we cute? the hubs and I holding hands finishing our half marathon! I look like I am about to pass out (fun fact: I WAS)
 I was having an awful day, so I made my fav cookies (oatmeal scotchies OMG YUM) and had a glass (or 2..) of wine in case you were wondering, my day got much better :)
 we met up with baby M and Sarah today (and Steph too)
 crazy babies!
 happy C waving her sippy cup around (she promptly dropped it on the dogs head after this picture...)
I just love her 


Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby snuggles

Holy sore legs!! I can barely walk down the stairs or sit myself on the toilet! Oh well, it was totally worth it because I still feel like a bad ass :)

Today I have butt face snuggling with me while I write

I miss when C would snuggle with me all day long, everyone told me to cherish the moments because they don't last forever...well they were right :( She has to be enclosed to sleep, the hubs described it like those balls that change direction every time they bounce on a wall...C does that too, we will put her to bed and the next thing we know she will be in the complete opposite direction we put her down in.  So she can't sleep with me at all.  I remember the last time she actually slept on me was when she was around 5 months old...I miss it. sigh.

Less than 2 weeks until Nicaragua with L!! I can hardly wait, she is the best travel buddy ever, we have gone to so many places together: Los Angeles, Kentucky, Guatemala, Denmark, up north Michigan, New Mexico and now Nicaragua! I am super sad to be leaving R and baby C, I just hope I don't miss anything huge.

So I was on Pinterest this morning after I got dressed and it made me laugh because look:

That is the Pinterest version on the left, and me on the right, I felt so proud of myself! 


Sunday, October 21, 2012


So, I feel like a bad ass! I ran 13.1 miles today!! R was a great motivator and helped me during mile 12 when I felt like I wanted to pass out and go eat a whole pizza.  We went a 2:13:08, yay! We DID stop around mile 10 so we could go use the facilities, and it was for 2 we actually went a 2:11...details!

Our weekend was fun, we didn't do much except rest for our race.  Except last night I tried so hard to fall asleep at 9, because we had to get up super early, but of course that was the same night my cats were being incredibly annoying and needy.  So I didn't fall asleep until midnight.

The hubs has REALLY good karma, he left his phone on top of the car by accident during the race, and 3 hours later it was STILL THERE! I told him he had good karma and not to worry, and what do ya know, he does! The other day he found a phone outside of an elementary school we live by, and took it inside to the office, well the universe paid him back because nobody took his phone, and we were parked in DETROIT like right by a pretty busy road! He got pretty lucky. 

Here is our weekend in pictures

 char baby's mean mug
 I just love fall
 nature baby
 the cutest.
 trying to get a good fam photo...its hard with a baby
I just can't even handle the cuteness of her face
 the girls
 man we look awful, READY for the race
 at this point I was about to pee my pants with excitement
 rooting for Michigan! (They WON)
I got my hair cut (after like 4 months, as R said: "your roots look awful" WELL NOW THEY DON'T!)


Friday, October 19, 2012

My favorite accessory

18. What has been the most difficult thing you have had to forgive?

I honestly always forgive people, so I do not have an answer!

-I think I am addicted to mocha frap's from Sbucks...seriously its bad I get one like ALMOST every day...I didn't get one at all this week except once (I am having a moment where I don't think I spelled once right, it just looks funny...that happened to me when I had to write "groom" before I got married and I thought it sounded SO funny like legume hahaha) so I am pretty proud of myself.

-I don't like street cleaners...they are so unnecessarily LOUD

-I was on pinterest this morning and I found an amazing idea a wagon made into shelves! Genius. This WILL be at my future house
 amazing right?
 ahhhh!!! the cuteness!!!! (this jean jacket was found at a garage LOVE)
 baby C is my best and FAV accessory
she's so big...sigh I love her sneaky smile face

have a good weekend, I will let you know how my half marathon goes!