Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas!!! Here is a little update on our family,

Russ: He is off for a month break, loving being a professor, and the kids love having him home right now for adventures.
Charlotte: Finishing up first semester of 4's preschool, she learned how to ride her bike, sight read about 30 words, and has made 3 amazing friends at school. She loves her teachers, and loves going to school every day. She still can't watch a movie without bawling her eyes out, is super picky when eating, and loves graham crackers. She will be 5 in a few weeks and I cannot even believe it.
Elizabeth: Finishing up first semester of 2's preschool (she goes T/Th 9-12) and even though she hates going to school (cries every time) she loves it when she is finally there.  Her teachers are wonderful, and it has been so good for her to have time away from all of us and to make new friends! She loves animals still, loves all food, and gets into EVERYTHING.
Me: I am enjoying having 2 mornings off a week to work on Rodan and Fields/house stuff, I am almost 2 years into doing R&F and I still love it. Nothing else is really new with me!

 Happy Holidays!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Oh hey!

Hey!!! I stopped blogging. Duh. But I think I am back...we will see!! I just miss this space so I wanted to update you (hey Mom) it is summer and I feel happy and so whatever I am just going with it!
 Remember how we got a puppy? He is huge. 60 lbs and 6 months old, but SUCH a sweetheart. He is a snuggle bum and thinks he is a lap dog still. We love him!

 Strawberry picking, we ended up getting 5 lbs, and literally ate all of them in 3 days...whoops

 The girls play together and love each other so much, we love it!! They fight too but mostly they keep each other busy!

 One of our good friends got married in TX, so we got to go and celebrate and Charlotte was the flower girl and was SO cute.

 My friend Richelle is a photographer here in NC and got this shot of me and my girls and I know I will keep this forever. I love it so much!

 When my bestie Sarah came we stayed at the CUTEST airbnb in Durham (its called the "lil' house" if you ever want to visit it, and the person who owns it had this amazing car parked out front and I loved it! 

Anyways, that is kind of an abbreviated update on life for us, Russ got his dream job as a professor, my job is going great, the girls are enjoying having Russ home this summer!! We head to the beach for the 4th of July, and then 2 weeks later head on our 3 week road trip to Montana and Michigan and back.  We are probably insane but we are camping along the way with 2 kids, and a dog.  I will post about it on IG during it and we are going to make a vlog about it which I will post on here in August.

Happy summer!!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

On Sleep (or lack there of)

You know what I took for granted? Sleep. Before kids Russ and I could do whatever, whenever, sleep in on a random Saturday, the works.  When Charlotte was born she was actually the easiest baby and started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old (only getting up at 1 am to eat, and 6 am, then going back to sleep until 8:30 or 9) and she was amazing. 

So what did we do? Have another baby because hey, this whole parenting thing is pretty easy!! ha. Elle? She has been the worst sleeper compared to our previous experience with Charlotte.  She didn't truly sleep through the night until 11 months old. We tried EVERYTHING. I cannot tell you how many times I was up from 11 pm-3 am with a screaming baby. I would collapse on the floor once she was finally asleep but I couldn't relax because I knew she would be up at 6 am and what if she cried before then?

 It is amazing to me how someone can function on that little of sleep. From about 11 months to 16 months she slept 12-13 hours through the night. It was seriously amazing. I felt like a new person! But then around 16 months she got a cold, combined with 2 molars.  She was up every 2 hours again screaming.  

17 months she got 2 more molars and another GD cold (thanks to Charlotte's preschool) and continued the cycle of being up every 2 hours. 

She just turned 18 months old and what did we do? Get a puppy. Oh also? She got ANOTHER GD cold...I am so over these germs.  

So...I am sorry if this sounds like I am complaining, bc I do get how lucky I am to have 2 very healthy girls, and I love them to pieces. Plus, we did it to ourselves getting a new puppy, but here we are up every 2-3 hours again with a whiny puppy plus a whiny, coughing, stuffed up 1 year old.  

Needless to say there is a lot of coffee drinking plus ice cream and wine at my house.  I just feel like I haven't truly slept for 4 years now, and I KNOW this is just a season, and things WILL get better, but right now? This Mama is just a zombie.

Hang in there all of you out there that are up at 2 am, I am right there with you!!


Friday, January 15, 2016

Picture update!

 We are getting a puppy!! His name is Nickel and he is a German Shepard <3
 The last day she was 3
 All she wanted was a princess dress that touched the floor, and my Mom got her those awesome sun glasses haha
 This is literally a snapshot of my life. #lifewithtwokids
 I got to be in one of my BFF's weddings, and thought my hair looked amazing!

 Olivia was the prettiest bride ever in life!

 Bridey and me <3
 My girls got to come to the wedding and had so much fun!
 Chopped 6 inches off...I love it!
 Selfie game on point E!
 We were sick of the rain, so we got our bathing suits on and played in the tub with bathtub paint, for a solid hour!

 Happy New Year!!!
 Char in the background saying "ewwww"

 Here's to 2016!
Cannot believe she is FOUR... #allthefeelings