Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Thanksgiving happenings

Thanksgiving was awesome this year, my whole fam came and it was so nice to spend so much time with them!!

 We need a bigger table! We broke out our fancy wedding china for the occasion!


 My amazing friend makes beautiful crowns/headbands/anything for little girls and women too.  She just opened up her instagram shop and Facebook too, @Luxembloom if you want to follow her magic! She will be opening up her Etsy shop after the holidays once she moves into her new office.  She sent us some test items in the mail and to see the looks on my girls faces when they opened them was seriously priceless!!! We each got a flower crown (I got 2), the girls each got a custom one of a kind crown, Charlotte got batman because she is obsessed with him, and E got a pink glittery one.  They both also got a few more pretty headpieces as well.  We love you Kat!! <3 Of course I can't resist a good photoshoot, so we made Russ come outside and snap a few pictures, and I will treasure these pictures forever.

Emma's 1 year session

 I got to go home this summer and do sweet Emma's one year pictures <3 We did it where we do all their pictures of course, the Arb in MI :) Thanks for letting me take these!!

 Isn't she such a doll? 

Fall in NC

 NC weather has been amazing. We got to check out this awesome park when the leaves were still changing, and the girls were so cute holding hands <3