Thursday, February 28, 2013

5 things

1.) my birthday was awesome. the hubs picked me up after class, we got lunch, then we went home to scoop char up from her nap and went down town for free cup cakes.  can you say sugar high? C was crazy for like two hours and then she crashed and fell asleep on me while making dinner (her dinner not mine) we both wore pink for my bday, then me and the hubs went out for dinner which was srsly so amazing i ate so much food.  and the festivities don't stop there! we are going to a fancy hotel this weekend and eating dinner at the top (thanks hubs). 

2.) on weds this week i had a snow day because we got a huge snow storm like 9 inches...i wish sometimes we would get freak snow storms that had 34 inches like boston or connecticut, but I guess i will settle for 9 inches.  so we made some snowmen and a snow fort and snow angels. we had to enjoy our last (hopefully) snow.  

3.) i woke up thinking today was friday or saturday because the hubs was home with us all day yesterday because of the snow so it felt like the weekend.  we finished season 7 of how I met your mother (srsly so funny) during C's nap, and had popcorn and girl scout cookies it was so great having him home! 

4.) i have the biggest pimple ever in life on my chin. i feel like it could eat my face. 

5.) i have a serious obsession with gummy bears and trader joe's wine

Monday, February 25, 2013

me at 26

its my birthday today!! sadly I have class...but the hubs was my chauffeur and dropped me off at class and is picking me up afterwards and we will be going everywhere to get free stuff like cupcakes, ice cream and bread! and tonight we are going out for dinner at one of my fav restaurants :)

Me at 26: (and 26 random facts about me)

1.) I love listening to the rain
2.) I love cheese
3.) I love going on long walks or hikes with the hubs and Char
4.) I love tulips, daisy's and sunflowers
5.) my favorite color is pink, and a close second is blue
6.) I loved driving stick shift and want my future car to be one
7.) I really want to travel the world and live outside the united states for a few years
8.) Char baby is my favorite person (other then the hubs) and I love that she is so girly
9.) I love school this time around
10.) it takes me a shorter time to shower then the hubs
11.) I wear paris hilton perfume (its prob fine)
12.) I love animals
13.) dresses are my favorite thing to wear other then sweaters and leggings (mom uniform)
14.) my favorite food is pasta
15.) I love working out
16.) Up north is one of my favorite places to go (summer or winter)
17.) whenever I drink coffee i immediately have to go to the bathroom
18.) i love wine
19.) I want to be a teacher
20.) I want to have more kids some day
21.) I love chocolate cake
22.) whenever I am in the car by myself i dance and rock out to b. spears circa the 90s
23.) i love my friends
24.) i have a weird muscle on my bottom lip that my dad calls "the worm" (ask me sometime I will do it for you)
25.) I love traveling
26.) I have super weird dreams

and that is me at 26, here is to another great year!

Friday, February 22, 2013

best mail day ever in life

We are feeling much better today and had so much fun this morning, we looked out the window at the snow (ugh so sick of it...but C loves watching it come down), she carried my vera bradley bag around the entire house for awhile, we had a party in her room with all her stuffed animals (can you tell we love elephants around here?), while we were up in her room I fixed her other shelf up, and it was THE BEST mail day ever in life I got my people magazine and my mom got me a Birchbox subscription for my bday! After a not so great week of being sick today was a great way to start off the weekend.  

tonight the hubs and I along with some of our friends are going to a comedy show (thanks to aunt c and my brother for babysitting :) ) so it will start off my bday celebrations a little bit early, I am so excited! 

also i flat out face planted in the snow today dancing for charlotte...oh the things I do to entertain her. (i'm fine btw) and crazy med school texted me last night that she thinks she danced with a homeless man...its probably fine.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

my little sidekick and me

ugh. today/last night was horrible. i got whatever C had and was up half the night puking and feeling sorry for myself.  thankfully the hubs was a great nurse and rubbed my back and watched how I met your mother episodes with me to keep my mind off the gross feeling i had.  anyways today is a pajama, cuddling, and reading day because my little sidekick still isn't feeling well either.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Charlotte lately

  Char baby isn't a baby anymore, she is a running, crazy, fun, toddler.  I don't know how this happened so fast! I know everyone says that but its true.  How do I have a 14 month old already?? Her favorite thing to do is to run up and down our hallway upstairs and scare the bajesus out of our cats.  She yells "HIII KITTY" (except she says "titty"...its probably fine) and they run and hide under the bed. When she does catch them she pets them and laughs her little face off.  Her favorite food is cheese, blueberries, and watermelon.  She loves shoes, bows, puzzles, books,her big bear francisco, her doggy, and throwing tennis balls.  She says so many words now, and her hair is getting so much longer that it gets crazy bed head in the morning and after naps.

These past few days of her being sick and cuddly made me remember when she was first born, its so crazy how fast the time goes...wasn't it just a day ago that we brought her back to our teeny apartment? When we had to write out her name on her birth certificate (I was still super out of it so R did it) he by accident wrote "Char-tatte" (we fixed it like 5 min later) instead of "Charlotte" well, that is how one of her nick names started we sometimes call her that and "tater tot" but the hubs tries not to because it always makes me want some tots.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 things

1.) well last night at around 6 pm Char puked everywhere and didn't stop until about 9...poor kid. this is the first time she has ever been this sick.  the hubs cleaned floors and changed sheets while I cleaned her up and put her back to bed...she fell asleep on me a few times and i have to say i loved that she needed her mommy.  but now everything smells like barf, so we febreezed every room and opened the windows....bad idea now our house is FREEZING and its kind of a blizzard outside right now. so thankful to have the hubs clean up the barf...i can't stand the smell.

2.) its one of those nights where i am going to drink a glass (or 3) of wine and have girl scout cookies (yayyy my mom bought like 20 boxes...)

3.) finally got all the pieces together for my blank wall in my room!! the hubs said he would put it all up for me this weekend! turns out i had all the frames i needed except one which i got at ikea, i can't waiiit for it all to be up, right now its just hanging out on my floor and Char thinks its her personal playground.

4.)so today i was thinking about what i was going to do for my bday on monday, and i realized i have CLASS that day...the hubs said i should pin 2 dollars to my shirt and see who else gives me money...srsly R, i mean really?!

5.) what i will really do is before and after class get all the free stuff i can possibly think of...

Monday, February 18, 2013

mini get away

we had so much fun on our weekend snow shoe adventure...we left friday and drove into a LOT of snow it was just so pretty.  we got to TC around 8 and checked into our hotel...we let C run up and down the hallway probably like 30 times to get all her energy out she loved it...then she started knocking on everyones door so we told her it was time to go to sleep and she ptfo for 13 hours...guess we need to do that every night! after she went to bed the hubs and I had wine, in paper cups...out in the hallway, it was kind of awesome.  

the next morning we went snow shoeing it was snowing SO hard, it was so fun.  Char baby was a good sport and let us snow shoe for about 40 min before she got bored and so then we just played in the snow and started our drive home.

it was a perfect mini get away and I am so glad we got to get up north before all the snow melted.  now our car desperately needs a carwash and i am craving sunshine. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

weekend uniform

 sweater: f21, tshirt: victoria's secret, leggings: target, boots: uggs

most comfy sweater EVER.  srsly i feel like i am wearing a bathrobe when i wear this sweater! I wear it to usually fly in planes, or road trips.  or probably every weekend lets be serious.

we had the best time ever up was SO pretty and it was snowing the entire time we were up there.  (more on that later)

i am off to drink wine and read "where we belong" by emily giffin... another perfect Saturday night!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Little Valentines

 Happy Valentines Day!!
we had some of Char's besties over today for a little valentines get together, they were all so cute, i only wish we had gotten a pic of all the moms! I am off to go decorate our house for the hubs to come home to later today, and then we will be off on our snow shoe adventure this weekend.  Have a wonderful love day and weekend!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

birthday wishes

so my birthday is coming up and the hubs asked me for a list of things i wanted...i thought i would share with you (you know in case you want to buy any of it for me).

I have been wanting this necklace ever since college when I became obsessed with sex and the city.  I would want it in gold though.  Birchbox! crazy med school gets this every month, and it just seems like the perfect pick me up even if I am not crazy about some of the stuff that comes, I still love getting mail.  a subscription to vogue...i guess i should stop leafing through it at target and actually get a subscription...obsessed.  and last but not least: hunter boots! i want pink or grey, it rains a lot here in Michigan and I always get my feet wet, i have no cute foot wear for the rain...poor me.

it is actually sunny here today! and like 40 degrees...i told the hubs if it got up to 50 he could find me laying out...he called me crazy.  its probably fine.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5 things

1.) I wish Char baby would keep leg warmers on, they are literally my favorite thing ever for little girls other then bows and tutus

2.) I want Lisa from RHOBH closet. legit closet envy, its probably as big as my house.

3.) today we went to play group at the library and omg it REALLY tired C out, she almost fell asleep like six times on the way home.

4.) I am making a scavenger hunt for the hubs this year for vday, aren't I such a good wife? 

5.) these two pictures are some of my favorite! i just love C's scrunch face smile she was so chubbyy! and the other one is at the beach in Destin last summer.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentines day memories

my favorite valentines day memory was one year in college.

we were still going to the same school, it was sophomore year...and we had a snow day! 

it was our first snow day ever in college and the first one at the school in like 20 was SO awesome (if you know me you know i absolutely LOVE snow its my favorite). 

we played in the snow, we walked down to the small little town holding hands and this lady drove by us and yelled out her window: "stay in love!"  (srsly this really happened) and we got soup from a little hole in the wall place, and got ice cream.  

when we got back to our dorm the hubs had a homemade card for me and a mini scavenger hunt! it led to some dove chocolates and a new dress (which is the way to my heart). 

so thank you random lady for shouting that out your car window, it made for an awkward couple of minutes but now we think back on it  and want to pay it forward some day (so if you hear someone randomly yelling out their window it just MIGHT be us hehe)

**idea from Ali :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

weekend fun

shirt: old navy, scarf: von maur, jeans: target, boots: uggs

this is one of my favorite new shirts, its bright green and so loose and comfy, perfect for running after my crazy child.  isn't the sun super amazing in these pics? hahaha the hubs was in his bathrobe and so mad at me for making him go outside. poor R
 its valentines day week! I did some crafting the other night and made that heart string for across the fireplace, i told the hubs to buy me RED construction paper, so he went out and bought a variety pack of paper and NONE OF IT WAS RED! asdlkfjaldkfdf!!!! Char baby was helping me out (but then she kept eating the paper of course so i had to keep her busy and gave her a piece of foam which she was srsly enthralled by for legit 20 min...who knew?!) and then we went to ikea today (at 10 a.m. bc nobody is there its srsly the best time to go to that place) and did some shopping and got stuff for our blank wall in the bedroom, and things for C's shelf which i am SO proud of how it turned out.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

classy saturday night

you guys! I tried this new hair style tonight, and of course i have nowhere to go...#momproblems

its Saturday night, and I am laying on my bed, doing valentines day crafts, blogging, trying out new hairstyles, wearing sweatpants, a chemistry shirt (a freebie from the hubs) i have fancy hair, and fancy earrings. its awesome. the only thing that would make it better is a glass of wine...but we are out of wine, and I am too lazy to go to the store and get a 3 dollar bottle of Charles Shaw (classy i know).

but you know what? its kind of the best Saturday night i have had in awhile!

Friday, February 8, 2013

5 things

1.) i used dry shampoo for the first time! it works wonders, and gave my hair the perfect texture. (thanks crazy med school!)

2.) srsly thank god its friday, i decided to be kind of comfy/sporty/casual since its the hubs fav (and also lets be serious i didn't want to wear anything super nice)  

3.) i ordered some stuff from F21 and Macy's the other day and i hate waiting for it to get to my house.  i just want to wear it already ghod. but one of the things i ordered is a sweater with HEARTS all over it. omg. so excited to get it in the mail.

4.) the hubs and i don't normally do anything for valentines day, except we do have one tradition of eating breakfast for dinner.  R makes heart shaped pancakes, i cut up strawberries and its super delicious.  this year our neighb gave us some PINK pancake mix!! so now I am beyond excited to eat pink pancakes.  

5.) my brother's wedding is in less than 5 months. so excited. we found the cutest flower girl dress ever in life on etsy and i cannot WAIT to put it on Char baby.

have a great weekend! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

porch talks and spiders

the day of our first date when the hubs drove up to my house to drop me off, he said:

"I like your house"

i said: 

"thanks! i like you"

R later said that was when he knew he was going to marry me. 

we had these "porch talks" because my curfew was 10 p.m. but as long as i was home (aka my porch) it was ok if R stayed longer, so he would. 

we would talk for sometimes 3 hours on my porch and we would watch the rain fall, the stars, and talk about everything from how I was scared of worms, how i wanted to be a teacher, how he wanted to get his PhD someday, and the fact that spiders really freaked us both out (i told him he better fudging kill them if we ever saw one).

during one of these porch talks is when i knew for sure i would marry him.

p.s. he still kills the fudging spiders