Friday, August 24, 2012

We have pretty much finished Charlotte's room in our new house except for a few items such as storage and a mirror...but here is the before and after picture of it so far.
 It is super girly, but not too matchy which I hate.  Our favorite part of her room is her chair, which we take monthly milestone pictures of her in...we love that she gained a few windows and it makes it so much sunnier and bright in her room.  My goal is to get her some storage for her changing table and for her ever growing supply of toys and stuffed animals.  My other goal is to get a round mirror with hot pink surrounding it to match her awesome picture frames that are hot pink.  Her rug is a hand me down from her cousins that live in upstate New York, and all the furniture is from my parents, from IKEA.  The shelves that you see were Russ and his brother's growing up and fit nicely in with the theme of her room.  The picture of Alice through the looking glass was in my room growing up and gives it that nice vintage, girly touch I was looking for.
The other room in our new place that I have done a little bit of work on is the bathroom.  

We absolutely love that my parents made this room very neutral from the beginning.  All I have added so far is a new shower curtain and a soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.  I still would like to ad above the toilet a cabinet to hold all of the random items you need in a bathroom like extra toilet paper and etc.  

Here is our bedroom:

We love how much space we have and how bright it is, we got our first bedroom furniture set from Art Van Furniture, we love the dark wood and the queen sized bed upgrade we got from our small full sized bed in our previous apartment.  I love my new dresser with the mirror, and it all fits perfectly with my vision of how I see it looking.  I would like to add new curtains, long ones that are the same color blue as our pillow shams, we are going to eventually get a couch and ottoman for the blank wall across from our television, and we will eventually hang some pictures or shelves for storage.  We will also be purchasing a corner shelf for the blue ray player and cable box, so I don't have to have them on my dresser.  
That is our place so far, more pictures to come!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer is coming to an end

Well summer is almost over and I have to say a lot of changes happened this summer! We moved into my parents house last week, they are moving to Connecticut so it came at the perfect time with our budget being stretched to the max! I am starting school soon, going to Nicaragua, Charlotte is almost 8 months old (how the heck did that happen so fast??).  Needless to say it has been really busy over here lately.

We went to Colorado with my family for a fun vacation, and Charlotte loved hiking, we hiked over 40 miles on that trip and were VERY tired after we got home. 

Anyways I will post pictures of our new place next time, and after we have finished our trips to home Depot!