Thursday, May 24, 2018

It's a BOY

Yep! Baby number 3 coming in November....I know, I thought we were done too. I also thought this baby was a girl for SURE so boy was I surprised!!! 
We are also moving to Indiana this summer so lots of changes in 2018 for us, all good ones for sure though.
Charlotte is almost done with Kindergarten, she is most definitely smarter than me now it is so crazy. She loves her friends, reading, playing games, and bossing her sister around.
Elle is finishing up her 3's preschool year, working on no more pull ups and is the biggest snuggler around. She loves her friends, me, our dog and playing with her sister.
Russ is great, excited for a son and his new job.
I am good, was so sick the first 12 weeks, but now I am 16 weeks and just have major heartburn.

That is the update!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bears go back to MI

 We had our annual 3.5 week summer vacation again in June (last year we went out West) and we got to go for my best friend's wedding (post coming soon!), a family of 4 vacation to my Sis in law's mom's camper on Silver Lake which was seriously SO relaxing and drove home the fact that we totally could live tiny.  We explored, read lots of books, and did a lot of swimming. The following week we went to a house in Saugatauk, MI with my parents, my brother, sis in law and us. It was soooo nice. Such a cute town, area, and LOTS to do. We had so much fun in MI, but we were SO happy to come back home.  We are gearing up for Russ' family reunion in Blue Ridge, GA end of the month, and a bachelorette party in MI for me in August.  Not too much else planned this summer except swimming and exploring :)

Friday, May 26, 2017

Pre-School Graduation

 Today was a day. C graduated PRESCHOOL. We registered her for Kindergarten and I seriously do not know how this happened. Time freaking flies. Their graduation was the cutest thing ever in life. Mini cap and gowns, diplomas, shaking their teachers hands? It was so adorable, and she had the best day. I am so proud of her!!! We love you C, you have great things ahead of you!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Elle at 2.5

Elle has been so much fun at this age, along with being a complete terrorist at the same time. Home girl knows how to wrap me around her little finger and simultaneously drive me to the insane asylum.  She loves animals, sitting on my lap, playing with her babies, coloring, cooking, eating popsicles, wearing dresses, swinging, spoonfuls of peanut butter with chocolate chips on it, sweet tea, and playing with friends.  She says her best friend is Charlotte and Nickel, and everything is her "favorite in the whole world".  She constantly is asking "what time it is?" and if she can tell me a secret (then she whispers "I love you!").

Elle Belle Bean, you are the perfect caboose to our family and we couldn't love you any more, even if you do drive us completely crazy sometimes, you make up for it 100 times over with your sweet snuggles, hugs, and kisses.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My bff is getting married!

 My best friend is getting married in 2 weeks. You probably remember her as Crazy med school? She graduates in 2 weeks from Med school, so her life is one amazing and crazy event right now!!!
Her bachelorette party was in Traverse City, MI and it was one of the best weekends I think I have ever had. I loved getting to spoil her and celebrate how happy she is! We went on a wine tour and it was so gorgeous and relaxing, we rented an Air bnb with 3 rooms, there were 4 of us there so it was plenty of space.  It was a great weekend, and now we are gearing up for the wedding in just a few weeks!!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Updates around these parts!

 Lots of stuff has been going on, but I missed this space and want the girls to be able to read through this when they get older! We are all good, just so busy.  C starts kindergarten next year and while I am SO excited for her, I am also so sad...time goes by SO freaking fast!!!! E starts 3 days a week preschool and Russ is done with his first year of teaching. I am doing well with being a mom, even though some days I legit want to give my kids away and go on vacation they are awesome. R&F is going super well for me, it was my 2 year work aversary the other day and I can't believe I have been doing it that long! This morning, Russ had to go to commencement for his school and so the girls had a picnic, made a fort, and are taking a bubble bath right now.  They are always so busy and have so much imagination I love it. We are going to re-home our cats we have decided. They aren't happy at our house with all the chaos so we think they deserve a better11 home. I will miss them but I truly think it is the best decision. My best friend is getting married June 9, so her bachelorette party is next weekend and I am so excited!!!
I will be back, have a good weekend! xoxo

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas!!! Here is a little update on our family,

Russ: He is off for a month break, loving being a professor, and the kids love having him home right now for adventures.
Charlotte: Finishing up first semester of 4's preschool, she learned how to ride her bike, sight read about 30 words, and has made 3 amazing friends at school. She loves her teachers, and loves going to school every day. She still can't watch a movie without bawling her eyes out, is super picky when eating, and loves graham crackers. She will be 5 in a few weeks and I cannot even believe it.
Elizabeth: Finishing up first semester of 2's preschool (she goes T/Th 9-12) and even though she hates going to school (cries every time) she loves it when she is finally there.  Her teachers are wonderful, and it has been so good for her to have time away from all of us and to make new friends! She loves animals still, loves all food, and gets into EVERYTHING.
Me: I am enjoying having 2 mornings off a week to work on Rodan and Fields/house stuff, I am almost 2 years into doing R&F and I still love it. Nothing else is really new with me!

 Happy Holidays!!!