Thursday, July 31, 2014

37.5 week update

37.5 Weeks

Soooo this baby is still cooking.  I feel pretty good just huge, and uncomfortable but I am enjoying my last few weeks with one child, before I never get sleep again! I have been sleeping pretty great actually and only wake up about once or twice a night to go to the bathroom or roll heartburn is still awful and my back and hips are SO SORE.  I had a doctors appointment today and I am 80% effaced, Blood pressure is normal, baby is measuring 37 weeks, and she is about 6 lbs 1 oz.  She is healthy, I am healthy, we are just counting down the days until she decides to make her grand entrance.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Still pregnant

 baby at 36 weeks

I want this baby OUTTTTT!!!! I am so sick of feeling like a whale, and waddling, having 6 things to wear, and not being able to run after C.  Also though I am trying my hardest to just enjoy these last weeks with C as our only child.  I know everything is going to change SO much and it scares me, but also I just think C will be the best big sister, and that it will just make our family feel complete to have this last piece of the puzzle added.  Baby E we cannot wait until you get here!!
I only want ice chips recently for cravings, and if I don't have protein during the day I get super woozy its weird.  I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to have an ultrasound to check if Baby is head down (pretty positive she is I can SEE her toes a lot poking out by my ribs...) and to check if I am dialated at all...praying I am at least 1-3 cm so mayyyybe she will want to come sooner then August 11! I have been cleaning like crazy, and her room is just too cute.  We got the baby Ergo today and we have frozen a bunch of meals, the hospital bag is packed, clothes are all washed, bathroom is clean, all that is left really is for me to shave my legs (which will take a long time with this big belly of mine).  I don't mean to complain because really I cannot wait to experience life with two kids and I am so incredibly happy to be having another baby, but honestly these last weeks being pregnant just are so uncomfortable.  
Hopefully next time I post this baby will be born!! (prob not but here is to hoping!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In my brain

 35.5 week belly

-I am so itchy. like all the time.  I need lotion on me constantly it is getting rediculous.  I thought my water broke in the shower today, but it was just pee.  I sneeze and pee just comes right out...also rediculous.  I was up until 4 am last night with the worst heartburn ever in life.  I still had it ALL DAY today too.  The last 3.5 weeks of pregnancy really stink.  I am not a person who enjoys pregnancy, the good news is that this one is going by super fast so I don't have a ton of time to dwell on it.  

-Russ is working all. the. time. I miss him.  I know it will be worth it when the baby comes because he can take some time off but still I miss him.  He got accepted at two universities since Friday so we kind of have an idea where we are moving!! Just kind of.  We haven't made the final decision and probably won't for a little bit, he has to research a bit more and talk to his potential future bosses....but it makes me happy it is a step in the right direction.  I don't feel as stressed out!

-I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I am hoping everything looks good, but I am also hoping that little miss comes a bit early I am so anxious for her to get here! The only things I still want to get are nursing tanks from Target and that is IT! We are so prepared this time around.  It is so nice to already kind of know what we will need this time, and we made a bunch of meals and froze them the other night.

-GAP is having the best sale ever.  I got a ton of ruffle bloomers for the baby for like 3$ each.  Not even kidding.   It ends tonight so get on it!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Emma's Newborn Session

 I did baby Emma's newborn shoot the other evening, and she was such a great sport.  Emma was 10 days old when I took these pictures, look how much hair she has! Her parents are some of my good friends and I am so excited as they begin on this journey of parenthood.  They love her so much, and she is just the sweetest baby. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Feels like Monday

  Tonight I wanted to scout out a few locations for for future sessions, and so the fam came with me even though Charlotte was in the worst mood ever.  Terrible twos please be over soon.  I love the botanical gardens, we took a walk (well more of a waddle for me) but the weather was perfect, and other then the screaming, pouting toddler we had a great time.  My bff came home today from a family vacation she had and she bought me nachos annnnd they were so amazing, and they didn't even give me heart burn!  Thank you E, you are the best :) If you haven't tried the app "guess the emoji" TRY IT it is so addicting, and fun.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Iphone update

 Baby bump at 33 weeks

 C chose to wear pajamas, rain boots, and a sun hat today it cracked me up.  I am pretty relaxed with what she decides to wear, and I love seeing her sense of style come out.  Some days it is tutus, others its jeans and a batman shirt.

 I got two maxi skirts and wear them legit every day.  This is the bump at 34 weeks, my t shirts officially do notttt fit anymore.  

 These two have formed a really close bond so far this summer, C used to be a total mama's girl, but now? she loves spending time with her daddy bear :)  (She still totally loves me the best, but I share lol)
 Mawy has totally taken over Baby E's nursery.  His fav spots are the changing pad, and her crib.  It is seriously hilarious, I think he will change his mind once she actually gets here though.

 My little princess.  This was the day where she just wanted to wear 2 tutus all day, even to church...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mike, Claire, and Franklin session

 For my brother and SIl's first anniversary I wanted to take pictures of them where their wedding pictures were taken.  They got a dog their first year of marriage and wanted to include him in their family pictures.  I love these two, and my SIL is the perfect girl for my brother.  Thanks for letting me take your pictures guys!

Dee and Tim's Maternity Session

 I did a maternity shoot for my good friend and her husband a few weeks ago and wanted to post it, and it will eventually get onto my website (still in the works!) but I love how beautiful the peony gardens were, and my friend is just glowing.  These two are the best parents to baby E already, she was born on July 1, and I cannot wait to do her newborn session soon!