Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's on A's Phone?!

i really want to go to australia this summer for our friends wedding. like more then anything. so i look up tickets every day for them. sigh. still like 2000 dollars a ticket. 

i subbed this morning for my fav students! i can't wait to have my own class room. also i am thinking about working 2 nights a week when i start school at a restaurant or something for some extra money. i really want to start saving more money for when we actually get a house of our own...i am undecided at the moment though if i want to actually work nights again. 

tomorrow char is going to be 11 months old. where on earth did the time go?!? i know everyone says that but seriously i can't even handle it sometimes. also yesterday i told the hubs i didn't want anymore kids after char wouldn't go to sleep, and seriously put me in the worst mood ever...but then she woke up and hugged me and said mama and i forgave her, and now i want another kid (when she is 3).

you know how some days you REALLY could go for a glass of wine and maybe some extra cheesy pizza and some chocolate cake? today is one of those days. 

anyways here is what is on my phone, i will take an outfit picture later and post it tomorrow.

 reading before bed
 char baby loves sitting on the stool and rocking it herself
 the hubs snapped this pic of me napping and mawy looking so content i love it
i realize that this face is NOT attractive
but C loves this face we call it her rhino face
i sent this pic to R and he promptly made it my picture when i call him
he cracks up every time


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

mrs. fields

 sweatshirt: von maur, jeans: target, scarf: pitaya, shoes: uggs
Char: hand me downs from her awesome friend millie!

i almost had a heart attack today. we took char to the mall and while we were getting sbucks i noticed MRS FIELDS WASN'T there anymore...well don't worry it just moved to a ghetto fab kiosk by information. 

also Char is nuts a little bit dramatic, and has such an attitude already. she kicks her legs like a little leprechaun when she doesn't want to do something its actually really cute funny. 

i'm really glad i don't have nuts. i would hate to be kicked there.

J. simpson is preggers again?! i actually love her, and i am following her on instagram and she has such cute pictures of maxwell (even if i hate her name, she is such a cute baby)

finally got a video of char baby walking:

I am so proud of her.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

poor me

 coat: orchid lane, jeans: sevens, sweater: willow and clay
char: target

this is so hard...i had such a bad hair day today, plus it took me forever to decide what to wear so i just put a coat on. poor me. 

anyways! today char baby and i went over to play with baby J and they had so much fun...totally tired each other out and they both had such amazing naps afterwards.  i love them they are some of my favorite people, baby J's mom is one of the sweetest people ever, and super stylish.

the hubs got invited to go hunting on thursday and he is so excited. he said "what if i got a deer?? we could hang the head on the wall over there, we could put our hats on it!" i mean seriously R?

after we did insanity tonight i pulled out the rest of the vanilla ice cream in the freezer and poured a crap ton of chocolate syrup on it. it was delicious and i don't even feel bad about it.

 the hubs said "is this the kind of picture that will make me cry at her wedding?"
 christmas tree lighting in Kerrytown
C loves the lights


Monday, November 26, 2012

reindeer, elves, and turkey's

top: von maur, jeans: big star, tank: von maur
c is wearing jammies 
also i am wearing my favorite hairstyle (also the easiest) the sock bun!

so today char baby, my mom and i went to the mall to return something, and in the process bought one present for my dad, three of the cutest pajamas for C, and an ornament. we also went to this little play area for kids and Char had SO much fun chasing after all the other kids. also SANTA was at the mall, C calls him "tanta" 

i had some weird dreams last night...turkeys, reindeer, and elves were chasing me down a long hall way trying to get me to make them cookies but i wouldn't because i wanted them all to myself (those yummy sugar cookies with frosting on top). needless to say i woke up craving everything sweet, good thing we didn't have any gas, and i was too lazy to get some so i couldn't go get anything sweet. but now i still crave it, and why the f were ELVES chasing me? 

also i had my boot topper socks on top of my regular socks yesterday with my boots on, and the hubs could NOT understand why you would need boot topper socks. come ON R, get it together.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

turkey makes me tired

ohh my gosh. it SNOWED last night. i was so so SO excited, i love snow. i think it comes from growing up in texas and never really having any until we moved to michigan, my brother and i would save the snow and put it in the freezer (hahaha). I missed 2 days of posting my outfits, so here we go including today:

 jacket: willow and clay, tank: von maur, jeans: kohls, necklace: von maur
top: free people, leggings: target, boots: steve madden
sweater: h & m, leggings: target
char baby: hand me downs :)

i have been SO tired from eating all this turkey its been nuts. we had thanksgiving over at our house on friday with my brother, his fiance, my aunt, parents, family friend, and was SO good, but i was so tired (turkey really does make you tired) and now i am done eating turkey for a long time.  it really gave me some bad gas. michigan played ohio state yesterday and lost :( so sad. and today we finished our yard work (we had to cut down like 10 crazy tall bushes in our yard) and oh yeah! Char baby WALKED!!! i am trying so hard to get it on video! and later today we are going to go watch the tree get lit in kerrytown! i love everything about this time of year.
 hahaha i love char's face she's like "i'm not wearing any pants, why are you taking a picture??"
 oh i just love her


Friday, November 23, 2012


Happy thanksgiving! I am thankful for my cute daughter, my cute hubs, healthy lifestyle, my family, all my wonderful friends, comfy pants, mashed potatoes, skinny jeans, and chocolate cake.
 shirt: target, jeans: J brand, char baby is wearing all mud pie
 the cutest 
 thanksgiving over at the in laws
my other fav mother daughter duo 
i am obsessed with this picture

i need this dress.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


day 5: top: pitaya, pants: target, shoes: target, headband: ulta

don't you love how francisco (the bear) is in all my pictures? i love him. he is from costco, i have been begging for him for over a year and finally one day the hubs caved and we bought it!

so its the eve of thanksgiving! i am so excited!!! R got today off and it was just the best day ever. he got to do all the things i normally do with char baby, but it was so much better with him there too! except he made me get up at the butt crack of dawn (really it was 6 am) to do insanity...i thought i was going to cry i was so tired. charlotte was a total mama's girl today again, i wonder if it has to do with separation anxiety or just teething? babies are so weird funny.

we are going over to my in-laws tomorrow for dinner, then the next day we are going to be at our house with my parents, brother, his fiance, my aunt, and a family friend! i have a lot to be thankful for this year, i can't even believe last year at this time i was pregnant, and now i have this amazing little person to show the world to! i can't wait to show her snow. seriously its the best thing ever in life and i hope we actually get a white christmas this year.  speaking of christmas, tomorrow night we. get. to. watch. ELF. i can hardly contain my excitement!!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

mama's girl

day 4: Jeans: 7's, sweater: target, tank top: gap, Char baby is wearing all target again

you guys. this is hard. and this morning char baby was being such a mama's girl. i could not do anything without this little munchkin hanging all over me. don't get me wrong, i LOVE when she loves me the best, but she was out of control today. 


Monday, November 19, 2012

day 3

Day 3 of my 31 day challenge...shirt: free people, pants: lauren conrad at kohls, shoes: target, Char baby is wearing all target.

today i tried something new with char baby, i didn't let her nap this morning and took her to jungle java,   she got SO tired and i brought her home fed her lunch and she passed out at 1...i am hoping she sleeps 2-3 hours.  i like this better then fighting with her to nap. i like that she just PTFO without any coaxing on my part. #winning

last night when the hubs and i were doing insanity we were doing jumping jacks and R was doing them wrong and all of a sudden says "crap i'm jacking off" HAHAHAHAHAHA he didn't even realize what he had said, i died laughing...


Sunday, November 18, 2012

not sweatpants

day 2 of my challenge was a little bit harder...sunday's i usually just wear sweat pants all day...the second i walked outside R said "did you shower?" and i proudly said YES! (i didn't feel like doing my hair though so i am rocking a sock bun, you just can't really tell but i promise you i am) 

 shoes: target leggings: target shirt: pitaya scarf: von maur
ps i look awkward (its probably fine)

last night we went to baby J's 1st birthday party...we had a lot of fun, met a lot of amazing new people, J got a ton of great gifts, and Char baby got to try his cake! 

 cute hubs and C being dramatic adorable
baby J and his parents and Great grandma 


Saturday, November 17, 2012

drop it like a squat

happy saturday! so as promised i took a shower and got into a cute outfit from my closet.  R laughed at me because he said it might be a struggle for me to shower every day...we will see R, we will see.

top: true grit, pants: target, earrings: francesca's, shoes: target

since i started insanity a couple weeks ago i have seen a LOT of progress in my body.  so pardon me while i brag and show you my 2 week results before i started and now:

Also i want this shirt:

Have a good weekend everyone!

Friday, November 16, 2012


-So i have a goal.  I am going to shower and wear a cute outfit every day for the next month.  I have this goal because sometimes i don't shower (most of the time) and sometimes i just wear sweat pants or pajamas...and i have a lot of clothes that need some attention.  and i will take a picture of it too, so i am held accountable. starting this weekend.

-i had to sub yesterday for my favorite class ever, but they were NOT good yesterday and i almost lost my voice telling them to be quiet.

-hostess is no longer in business...and i have never had a twinkie

-i smell like barf because i gave char baby some of my rice crispie today and she promptly puked on me

-i had a dream that my brother was pregnant and couldn't fit into his tux for his wedding...

-yesterday my brother babysat for char baby while i was subbing, and R was at a meeting...i woke her up from her nap and her diaper was on backwards so she had wet the bed and her outfit hahahahaha R and I laughed for like 5 min straight

-i am nervous to start school again

-thanksgiving is in less than a week!!! and i have the cutest outfit for char, i can't wait to put her in it, and take family pictures!! (sorry R, more pictures are in your future)

-i can watch ELF the day after we get TWO thanksgivings this year bring on the yummy food and the naps

-my favorite thing to do with char baby now is to say "kisses" and kiss her all over and then she kisses me back (well its more she bites me but i still count it) and she also gives hugs now

-the hubs is working a lot this weekend boo.

 char baby loves taking pictures on the big camera
 i can't even handle it. her fluffy morning hair, and yogurt all over her face 
 my little favorite
she is the BEST also 2 seconds after this picture she took off her headband


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's on A's Phone?!

well coming back from a trip is never fun, but honestly the only thing that is not fun this time is the change in climate...everything else is fine just because i think its been so nice being around R and char baby.  I really want to go traveling someday with them, i met so many families on my trip that traveled with their 6 month-3 year olds...its possible! So now i just have to figure out where, and when! not this summer because we have a lot of weddings and already are planning on going on our Acadia national park in Maine road trip which i am SO SO excited for.  but we also just found out some of our best friends are doing a ceremony in australia this summer...i think if we went to australia we would go for like 3 weeks to make the plane tickets worth amazing would that be?!

anyways this is what is on my phone:

 face timing the fam while i was in nicaragua...Char was so sad one day seeing me
 where i spent the weekend...paradise!
 these were my favorite dogs at the monkey hut
 me and L
 i just want to squeeze them...look at that belly!
 char baby yelling at mawy who is trying to escape 
 missed her sweet face
i mean is there anything cuter then overalls??? i can't even handle it


Monday, November 12, 2012

rum, sun, and Nicaragua

omg i haven't written in a week!! i don't even know where to start...i had an absolutely life changing, amazing, wonderful time in Nicaragua!! It was so great to see L and see where she was going to be living, the weather wasn't so bad either (80-90 every day and SUNNY)

I didn't take too many pictures in Granada because of pick pocketing, but it was really cool to stay there and see what L would be doing for the next couple of months.

Some highlights of my trip:

1.) L's plane got delayed so I had to stay in Managua for a night without her (which actually wasn't horrible)

2.) fresh squeezed juice (YUM)

3.) learning how to salsa from a nicaraguan guy (who was also super sweaty and a little creepy, and we saw him like 3 other times..awkward)

4.) house hunting (i felt like i was on house hunters international)

5.) the beers were only 1-2 DOLLARS!!!

6.) meeting so many amazing people

7.) zip lining

8.) kayaking

9.) seeing the place where L is going to work

10.) chocolate

11.) the monkey hut

12.) losing my bathing suit top (this was a product of the rum and i never found it....good thing it was dark)

13.) my cab driver stopping to take a pee 2 times on the way to the airport

and here are some pictures:
 sunset in Granada my first night there
 L and our margs (soooo good)
 i probably should of gotten a pedicure (isn't this pool AMAZING??)
 kayaking self portrait
 dinner was so so SO yummy
 yes we split a 5th of rum...yes i had a huuuuge hang over...yes it was not the best decision ever in life
this is laura, she is from canada and one of my favorite new people we met at the monkey hut 
 this is Christy, from TX she has an amazing blog about her travels check it out: Christy's blog
 Drew is from Australia and his gf Laura from Canada were one of my fav couples ever
 hanging out on the floating raft

 the sunsets were some of my favorites i have ever seen
 L pondering life
we hiked down to this fancy hotel's dock and this was our view