Thursday, May 24, 2018

It's a BOY

Yep! Baby number 3 coming in November....I know, I thought we were done too. I also thought this baby was a girl for SURE so boy was I surprised!!! 
We are also moving to Indiana this summer so lots of changes in 2018 for us, all good ones for sure though.
Charlotte is almost done with Kindergarten, she is most definitely smarter than me now it is so crazy. She loves her friends, reading, playing games, and bossing her sister around.
Elle is finishing up her 3's preschool year, working on no more pull ups and is the biggest snuggler around. She loves her friends, me, our dog and playing with her sister.
Russ is great, excited for a son and his new job.
I am good, was so sick the first 12 weeks, but now I am 16 weeks and just have major heartburn.

That is the update!