Friday, February 28, 2014


 Florida. From the pictures it looks like an amazing trip, which for the most part IT WAS!! We went and met my baby bestfriend L and her new (6 month) baby V for the day in Vero Beach, which was so relaxing and we had the yummiest lunch, played in the pool, and took a walk to the beach.  It was really really nice.  That night we drove down to Orlando and tried to check into our condo...what a debacle. Apparently there was some "house keeping issues" and our condo wasn't ready to check into...until the next morning. They put us up in another hotel but it was one room. With 2 beds, a roll-away and a fridge.  We were so annoyed.  The worst part was the next day was my birthday, and we didn't actually get into our condo until that day at noon.  When they said it would be ready "first thing the next morning" SO ANNOYING.  It all worked out in the end, but still it did definitely put a damper on the vacation.  Having crazy med school there was amazing, she is so great with C, she loves her. 
Plus the weather? Not that great. But on the bright side it was WARM unlike freezing cold MI. I literally did not get tan at all. And now I have wanderlust. Which stinks because the hubs is so busy so we legit cannot go anywhere for a lonnnnng time.  Oh well we move in like 8 months so its fine.  I will be 16 weeks on Monday.  I am only 4 weeks away from being halfway. That scares me.  But I am SO excited to find out what this little peanut is I find out March 26th.  My bump sometimes looks HUGE but other times it is teeny. It really depends on how much I eat.  I crave salads, fruit, diet coke, asiago cheese bagels, cranberry juice, veggies dipped in ranch, french fries, pizza and ice cream.  Pretty much the same cravings as I had with C, but I honestly have no idea if it is a girl or a boy. 
In other news I am 27! It is crazy.  I feel old.  The hubs keeps making fun of me saying I am in my late twenties but whatever, I feel like I am really really happy.  I am so content with my life, the people in it, my family, just everything.  Here is to another year of being alive! I cannot wait for the changes to come, new baby, moving, traveling, it will be exciting!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

13 week bump

13 week baby bump! I am definitely showing earlier then I did with C, but I am totally fine with that.  It is just so exciting to think of our family becoming 4 in August! Also super overwhelming.  We will literally only be where we are for 6-8 weeks with the new baby before we move for the hubs job.  That means I can't nest...which stresses me out more than anything else I think.  
Thank god for my BFF Crazy med school because she said she was going to fly with me and the kids and help us get settled into our new place wherever we go.  That makes me feel a million times better, thank goodness for amazing friends! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Baby number 2!! Surprise!! We are so excited and blessed to be able to expand our family of 3 to 4 in August :) That is why I have been MIA around here, it was so hard to keep it a secret, but we did! I am about 13 weeks.  We had our first ultrasound on Thursday and got to hear the heartbeat and see it move around, it was just as amazing as the first time with Charlotte, only this time C was there to see it too! To be honest she has no idea what is going on, BUT she loves babies, and so I think she will be a great big sister.
I felt so sick and tired I couldn't function and I pretty much hibernated for awhile.  Now I am finally feeling more energetic, I still feel sick at night if I eat a huge dinner but I have been using these motion sickness wrist bands and they help SO much! The hubs thinks its a boy, and so do I kind of, but I was convinced with C that she was a boy too, so we will see! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 I got back from Vegas Sunday morning. At 6 am. Remind me never to take a red eye again!! ANYWAYS omg I had a blast seeing crazy med schools fam and meeting her adorable nephew.  I wish could have stayed like another week! We went hiking every day, and my legs are still sore.  It was such a nice break not to see snow on the ground and to not wear a coat.  We ate amazing food, I prob gained like 10 lbs.  We went shopping, and went out for Crazy med schools SIL's bday.  I loved seeing everyone, and it was nice to have the Vegas experience mostly OFF the strip.  
The other night a bunch of us girls went to dinner and Crazy med school got hit on with the FUNNIEST pick up line: "Hey do you like cashmere? My grandma made me this sweater and its cashmere"
So of course he got her number because it was super original obviously, and that was forward until Vegas and Crazy med school was wearing a scarf (pretty normal every day appearance for her) and we were going up an escalator and these two guys said "Hey girl I like your scarf" and then another guy comes up to her and shakes her hand and says "Congratulations on your scarf" 
So anyways she gets hit on with the weirdest, most original pick up lines ever.  Never a dull moment that is for sure.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

no joke

 The hubs went away for a work conference in FL over last week/weekend...which left me and my little BFF to our own devices.  It left me completely EXHAUSTED.  It was also super snowy and icy so we were pretty much stuck at our house...until my mom took us shopping and bought C a whole new wardrobe pretty much.  Thank goodness for Nana! Recently I have become OBSESSED with HGTV, it is becoming a problem really...oh well it is probably fine.  When the hubs got back from his trip, I handed over C and went STRAIGHT up to bed.  It was glorious, I felt like I got hit by a ton of bricks...toddlers are no joke.  
I am going to Las Vegas this weekend to visit crazy med school, and I am SO ready to get out of this wintery wonderland.  Did I mention that we are getting another 6 inches of snow tmw? Yeah I am praying for a snow day.  I love snow don't get me wrong but when we get a new storm every week it gets to be too much!!