Sunday, June 14, 2015

MIA...Knoxville and an update

 Ok so I have been majorly slacking in the blog department lately!! Over the weekend we went and visited my college bff Britt in Knoxville, TN and we had a blast.  We got to go on a boat, see downtown Knoxville, and hike a really pretty mountain.  We left Friday morning and when we got to her house went to this park that had fountains for kids to run through, Char had a BLAST and got soaking wet.  The girls went to bed at 7, and slept the whole night they were exhausted it was kind of amazing.  Saturday morning we went to the farmers market and it was so cool, it was on an all pedestrian main street and had all these local food trucks, art, etc.  We got coffee and a lot of donuts, best morning ever.  Then we went and met the rest of her family for a boat ride and just hung out on there for the rest of the day.  The girls had to wear life jackets on the boat the entire time and I am so mad at myself for not taking a picture of E in hers, she was a little stuffed sausage and looked hilarious.  I thought it would go one of two ways: Pissed at us and cry the entire time, or just resign herself to it and be happy.  She resigned herself to being fine with it, gave up and passed the f out for a solid two naps while we were out there.  They were both SO good on the boat, I was a proud mama! 
After we put girls to bed, me and Britt went to watch the sunset on top of a hill overlooking the was SO PRETTY!!! There was this swing up there that we went on and it was super peaceful and the perfect end to our day.  The next morning we got up and hit the road to find Max Patch mountain.  It is right over the border in NC (exit 7 if you ever want to go!) and holy wow were the views amazing.  It was about 1.4 miles up to the top and I think it was pretty much the perfect day.  
Update with the rest of what has been going on: We are moving into a HOUSE next month.  E is 10 months old, she has 6 teeth now, and is the CUTEST thing ever in life.  Char never stops talking, has such an amazing imagination, loves to swim and play with her sister.  Russ loves his job still.  I love my job (my SAHM one, AND R&F ha) both are great, never thought I would love R&F as much as I do, and Russ loves it too because he gets a new grill, tent, and lawn mower (oh my gosh we are old).  
That is what is new, and I will be back sooner then 3 months next time! 

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