Thursday, June 16, 2016

Oh hey!

Hey!!! I stopped blogging. Duh. But I think I am back...we will see!! I just miss this space so I wanted to update you (hey Mom) it is summer and I feel happy and so whatever I am just going with it!
 Remember how we got a puppy? He is huge. 60 lbs and 6 months old, but SUCH a sweetheart. He is a snuggle bum and thinks he is a lap dog still. We love him!

 Strawberry picking, we ended up getting 5 lbs, and literally ate all of them in 3 days...whoops

 The girls play together and love each other so much, we love it!! They fight too but mostly they keep each other busy!

 One of our good friends got married in TX, so we got to go and celebrate and Charlotte was the flower girl and was SO cute.

 My friend Richelle is a photographer here in NC and got this shot of me and my girls and I know I will keep this forever. I love it so much!

 When my bestie Sarah came we stayed at the CUTEST airbnb in Durham (its called the "lil' house" if you ever want to visit it, and the person who owns it had this amazing car parked out front and I loved it! 

Anyways, that is kind of an abbreviated update on life for us, Russ got his dream job as a professor, my job is going great, the girls are enjoying having Russ home this summer!! We head to the beach for the 4th of July, and then 2 weeks later head on our 3 week road trip to Montana and Michigan and back.  We are probably insane but we are camping along the way with 2 kids, and a dog.  I will post about it on IG during it and we are going to make a vlog about it which I will post on here in August.

Happy summer!!!


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