Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 I got back from Vegas Sunday morning. At 6 am. Remind me never to take a red eye again!! ANYWAYS omg I had a blast seeing crazy med schools fam and meeting her adorable nephew.  I wish could have stayed like another week! We went hiking every day, and my legs are still sore.  It was such a nice break not to see snow on the ground and to not wear a coat.  We ate amazing food, I prob gained like 10 lbs.  We went shopping, and went out for Crazy med schools SIL's bday.  I loved seeing everyone, and it was nice to have the Vegas experience mostly OFF the strip.  
The other night a bunch of us girls went to dinner and Crazy med school got hit on with the FUNNIEST pick up line: "Hey do you like cashmere? My grandma made me this sweater and its cashmere"
So of course he got her number because it was super original obviously, and that was that...fast forward until Vegas and Crazy med school was wearing a scarf (pretty normal every day appearance for her) and we were going up an escalator and these two guys said "Hey girl I like your scarf" and then another guy comes up to her and shakes her hand and says "Congratulations on your scarf" 
So anyways she gets hit on with the weirdest, most original pick up lines ever.  Never a dull moment that is for sure.

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  1. I hate to say this but you probs will take a red eye again. some sort of weird amnesia shit happens when you see the really low airfare.. you instantly justify the red eye disclaimer. I take the red eye everysingletime and always vow never to do it again. When will I learn?!!!