Tuesday, February 4, 2014

no joke

 The hubs went away for a work conference in FL over last week/weekend...which left me and my little BFF to our own devices.  It left me completely EXHAUSTED.  It was also super snowy and icy so we were pretty much stuck at our house...until my mom took us shopping and bought C a whole new wardrobe pretty much.  Thank goodness for Nana! Recently I have become OBSESSED with HGTV, it is becoming a problem really...oh well it is probably fine.  When the hubs got back from his trip, I handed over C and went STRAIGHT up to bed.  It was glorious, I felt like I got hit by a ton of bricks...toddlers are no joke.  
I am going to Las Vegas this weekend to visit crazy med school, and I am SO ready to get out of this wintery wonderland.  Did I mention that we are getting another 6 inches of snow tmw? Yeah I am praying for a snow day.  I love snow don't get me wrong but when we get a new storm every week it gets to be too much!!

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