Sunday, December 7, 2014

so thankful

I am so thankful for my family.  I seriously could not imagine my life without these 3 people in it.  Elizabeth's personality is really starting to shine through, she will be 4 months old this week and I can hardly believe how fast it is going by this time.  She is super chill and go with the flow unless she is hungry or tired then she will let you know via scream ha so Char will then run and find me and let me know what she needs its really cute how these two sisters are together.  
Russ is going to be done with his thesis TOMORROW and I can hardly wait for him to pay attention to me again haha he has been working non stop with only a few breaks like today to get our Christmas tree.  I am just so proud of all that he has accomplished along with having a family, he is only graduating one semester later then he was supposed to so that in itself is just amazing, I don't have words to explain how much I love him and how proud of him I am.  
We move in less than 3 weeks.  It really has not hit me yet, but I am excited when I think of starting in a new city, with my little family it will just be a huge change but I really am so ready to just be a family unit of 4 for awhile.  Not to say I am not extremely grateful we have lived so close all these years but I am ready to spread our wings and fly!
Anyways sorry for all the rambling it has been a busy weekend wrapping up holiday sessions, I have one more next weekend and then I am done until the spring!

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