Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Card Fail

Well we tried.  We tried to do our own Christmas pictures this year and they were a complete fail.  So I am going to just send one out with just the kids.  It is so hard to get 4 people ready and excited for a timed picture.  I so miss my mom friend Jenny who always took our family pictures for us!! 

So there was this one:
 Which wouldn't have been that bad if Russ had just been ready....
Then there is this one:
 I am trying to get everyone to "be HAPPY!" but with two kids it is impossible to get them to both smile at the same time I have learned.
Then there is this one:
 Which all in all doesn't seem too bad, but Char is blurry and Francisco's hat is tilted over, and Elle's headband is WAY too big on her...Mom fail.
Then this one is probably the best one we were going to get:
But I think Char's fakest of fake smiles and that HEADBAND wtf was I thinking....That one might go out after all because in a way it explains my life right now. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us!

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