Monday, March 30, 2015

My skincare routine

So I have never been a huge skincare person like AT ALL.  I was a swimmer my whole life up until sophomore year of college.  Then I just would wash my face every night before bed and that was it.  In November I met this girl at my friends birthday and she told me about Rodan and Fields, I had never heard about it before and was curious so I googled it, and holy crap I found so many amazing before and afters! I had to try it.  So I tried a few samples and ended up LOVING them.  I decided to become a consultant for them (hello 25% off!) and just figured it would be a little side gig.  Well almost 2 months later my skin feels so much better, I am making more money then I thought I would, and I love helping people make their skin feel better!! (email me if you need anything would LOVE to help you love your skin :)

Anyway. I use these products and my skin feels like a babies bottom it is so smooth.
1.) Macro Exfoliator: I use this once a week, sometimes once every other week for 5 minutes and the next day my face is seriously SO SMOOTH, it gets rid of SO much dead skin, it really grosses me out when I look at the filter and I see tons of flakes!

 2.) Redefine PM overnight restoring cream: I love the whole Redefine regimen in itself, but this cream makes my face feel so moisturized and it smells amazing.  I just use it every night before I go to sleep.

3.) Redefine eye cream.  My circles underneath my eyes were insane.  Elizabeth does not sleep well at night and now nobody can even tell that I haven't slept because my circles are gone!! I use this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

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