Sunday, March 1, 2015

Feeling Better

My Sweater: Free People (Similar) Jeans: Nordstrom (sold out)( Similar ) Boots: Target (Similar )
Russ Shirt: Nordstrom (Similar), Vest: Target 

We are finally recovered from getting sick and decided we HAD to get out of the house today so after we went grocery shopping and had nap time (which ends up being yelling/singing/screaming time for Char) we got out of the house and explored a little.  We found this awesome graffiti and I decided to make everyone stop and take pictures.  They love me I promise, the life of a photagrapher's family haha.  It was nice to actually get dressed today in REAL pants, and do my hair AND make up.  Since we were sick all week it was pajamas and sweatpants and hair in a top knot.  I actually looked at myself in the mirror today and was shocked at how I looked with actual make up on! 
We got to eat my cake and I got to blow out my candles finally last night, yay to drawn out birthdays! I am just glad everyone finally feels better, except for C who has a bad attitude and a lingering cough but hopefully that changes asap.  We are pretty sick of the tantrums/screaming fits when: we tell her to go to the bathroom, blow her nose, set the table, pick out books, or when the cat runs away and "I WANTED TO PET HIMMM" or when she says she needs help with something, we help her and she "DIDN'T WANT HELP".  Good god woman make up your mind!
Hope you all had a great weekend! 

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