Wednesday, January 30, 2013

club halle

currently I am at school in the library, which by the way they used to say "come to club halle" (thats our libs name...) who the fudge would come rage at a library??! so lame.  anyway I am in the library drinking a mocha frap, doing my homework and quizzes and i let out a HUGE burp like so big I didn't even know it was coming... i should probably also mention i am on the quiet study floor, so there is legit no other noise. also i burp like a man. ohhh well. its probably fine

i was skyping with my bff L last night (she is the one I went with to Nicaragua) and she was wondering if she should just stay there or come home.  well i vicariously live through her adventures and i told her to stay so what is she going to do? travel to her hearts content.  she is also SO TAN i can't handle it.  I am SO jealous.  but also its super exciting because she might come to MICHIGAN for grad school. this means I get her all to myself for 2 whole years. well i have to share her with other people but SRSLY i am so excited she better come here so we can have more adventures. 
me and bff L back in the day

I am going to target today! yayy also i went yesterday too, but all I got was a baby doll for C, medicine, and ice cream.  so boring god. but TODAY i am going to get myself a black maxi skirt. I have the perfect idea ever in life on how to wear it.  also I want pink or red hunter boots for my birthday.



  1. OMG HUNTER BOOTS. I need them. With the liners. So cute. I think I need some too.. I was thinking gray for myself. Perfect for spring, right?

    Also, I have been to Target almost every day this week. It's awful. Post a pic if you get the maxi :)

  2. omggg grey! they would go with everything! so perf. target is like the best place in the its fine you go every day...i ended up not going today bc as we were in the parking lot some car came and SPRAYED us with dirty water so we were soaked so we had to go home. f that.