Wednesday, December 18, 2013

one week to go!!

One week until Christmas! Lately I have been struggling with some things and have felt spread extremely thin.  These past 3 weeks have been really hard emotionally, and it has really affected my focus with school. I told the hubs today I was tired of being there for people, but its not that, I think I am just tired. I am emotionally exhausted, and I wish I could just make everyone feel better but I need to realize I just can't.  I need to focus on making myself, God, and my family happy.  I need to focus on the season of GIVING and really make it a point to just slow down and just BE. 
I can't even believe it is almost Charlotte's second birthday, and for that matter that it is almost 2014!!! Time just literally goes by so fast it is hard to slow down and breathe! Today was the hubs data meeting which is a big step in getting his PhD, he was kind of bummed that his time line he made wasn't going to happen and that it would take a few months longer then expected.  I am so proud of him though, I really look up to him, he has the BEST work ethic, he is so smart, and he really makes me want to work harder myself.  I don't care that he will take a little longer, the only reason I want him to be done so bad is so that we can have our own house and start our adventure together in a new city/town/country wherever life takes us!


  1. Amy! Keep on rockin it and definitely take time for you. I am impressed with the blogging given all the things that you do. I hope you, Ross and Charlotte have an awesome Christmas!

  2. Take some time to take care of AMY! She deserves it, so spoil her rotten! :)

    love and miss you amybg! xoxox