Thursday, January 24, 2013

bunny ears and no pants

shirt: Kohls, Jeans: target, boots: steve madden

sorry i look so weird in both of these pictures, the hubs was taking them and made me feel awkward. i mean its probably fine because I always look awkward in pics anyhow. oh well. 

Last night i went out for a drink with one of my favorite mom friends J, we had never hung out without the kids before, and it was so much fun we talked, laughed, and had a drink without the kids interrupting.  We went to one of my besties new restaurants Vellum  they just opened recently, it was just so nice to hang out and have a girls night, and when we left it was was just the perfect night.

I am so excited for this weekend. I am going up north with crazy med school  and I. Can. Not. Wait.

today after we had dinner we took off Charlotte's pants because they were COVERED in pasta sauce...then I put her bunny ears head band on and all of a sudden the hubs said "umm A? our daughter is wearing no pants and BUNNY ears...this is every dad's WORST nightmare" hahahahahahahah omg. #itsprobablyfine



  1. hahaha you are so cute! My husband takes my pics too and makes me feel awkward so much. Especially when he just looks at me and laughs and I'm like...what am I doing that's weird?! funny haha. I love the black and white combo! So classy!

  2. haha we probably just need a might be less awkward!

  3. Love your mama style! That shirt is so fun!
    Thanks for linking up:)