Thursday, May 25, 2017

Elle at 2.5

Elle has been so much fun at this age, along with being a complete terrorist at the same time. Home girl knows how to wrap me around her little finger and simultaneously drive me to the insane asylum.  She loves animals, sitting on my lap, playing with her babies, coloring, cooking, eating popsicles, wearing dresses, swinging, spoonfuls of peanut butter with chocolate chips on it, sweet tea, and playing with friends.  She says her best friend is Charlotte and Nickel, and everything is her "favorite in the whole world".  She constantly is asking "what time it is?" and if she can tell me a secret (then she whispers "I love you!").

Elle Belle Bean, you are the perfect caboose to our family and we couldn't love you any more, even if you do drive us completely crazy sometimes, you make up for it 100 times over with your sweet snuggles, hugs, and kisses.


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