Saturday, May 6, 2017

Updates around these parts!

 Lots of stuff has been going on, but I missed this space and want the girls to be able to read through this when they get older! We are all good, just so busy.  C starts kindergarten next year and while I am SO excited for her, I am also so sad...time goes by SO freaking fast!!!! E starts 3 days a week preschool and Russ is done with his first year of teaching. I am doing well with being a mom, even though some days I legit want to give my kids away and go on vacation they are awesome. R&F is going super well for me, it was my 2 year work aversary the other day and I can't believe I have been doing it that long! This morning, Russ had to go to commencement for his school and so the girls had a picnic, made a fort, and are taking a bubble bath right now.  They are always so busy and have so much imagination I love it. We are going to re-home our cats we have decided. They aren't happy at our house with all the chaos so we think they deserve a better11 home. I will miss them but I truly think it is the best decision. My best friend is getting married June 9, so her bachelorette party is next weekend and I am so excited!!!
I will be back, have a good weekend! xoxo

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