Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Charlotte is 2!!!

 Dear Charlotte, Char Char, Boo boo, baby girl,

You have grown up right before my very eyes.  I remember the day you were born, we weren't expecting you to come for another two weeks.  We were supposed to have dinner with your Uncle and Aunt that night...but you had other plans! 
You came out so perfect at 1:01 p.m. weighing 7 lbs 5 oz, and 19.5 inches long.  You had perfect blue eyes, curly brown hair, and when you first looked at me I fell in love.  
You are such a fun little girl, you love to play with your babies, eat guacamole, cookies, smoothies, playing with your friends.  You talk a lot, you aren't quite to full sentences but you say little ones all the time.  The funniest thing you say is when we ask you if you are a baby you say "NO big girl" it is so cute, and you are right you aren't a baby anymore, but you always will be my baby.  
You love to run, read your books, put on make up with me in the morning, fly with Daddy, play with Cody, watch the animal sound video over and over, cook in your kitchen.  
You have tried the potty a few times, and you have a big girl bed.  You love your elephant "Ellie" that you sleep with, and two of your babies names are just "baby" and the other one is "baby Jesus".  When we say goodnight to you, you always say "Night night, love you sleep forever!".  
You are still a pretty picky eater but we have found that if we hide veggies in smoothies you will drink it.  You have a little more hair than last year, but I think this next year will be good to you and give you lots more, you are so tall, right at 3 feet, we think you are going to be around 6 feet tall! Your hair is pretty blonde and curly, you love to wear head bands, bows, and hats.  You also think wearing a tutu everyday would be great, along with your leg warmers.  You are a pretty stylish girl, and we mostly just let you pick out your outfits.  You don't really like brushing your teeth, or baths.  
Thank you for making me a mommy C, you are the very best part of me and your Daddy bear.  We love you to the moon and back.
Happy second birthday to my little favorite!!

Love always,

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  1. Love the one next to the teddy bear! So cute.

    - meyouandhayleylarue.blogspot.com