Wednesday, February 13, 2013

birthday wishes

so my birthday is coming up and the hubs asked me for a list of things i wanted...i thought i would share with you (you know in case you want to buy any of it for me).

I have been wanting this necklace ever since college when I became obsessed with sex and the city.  I would want it in gold though.  Birchbox! crazy med school gets this every month, and it just seems like the perfect pick me up even if I am not crazy about some of the stuff that comes, I still love getting mail.  a subscription to vogue...i guess i should stop leafing through it at target and actually get a subscription...obsessed.  and last but not least: hunter boots! i want pink or grey, it rains a lot here in Michigan and I always get my feet wet, i have no cute foot wear for the rain...poor me.

it is actually sunny here today! and like 40 degrees...i told the hubs if it got up to 50 he could find me laying out...he called me crazy.  its probably fine.


  1. I fully approve of everything on this list. Happy almost birthday! :)