Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Today Char and I were twins and didn't even plan it! The hubs got C dressed and I didn't even see her while I was getting myself ready...white pants, jean jacket, and green shirts ended up being the fashion choice of today.  I think it's so funny and I didn't even change, even though I will admit I used to make fun of mom/kids that matched I kind of secretly love it now.  I always try and have us wear complementing outfits if possible, I just think until she dresses herself it is too cute.

This semester is almost over, next Wednesday it is so weird how fast it went by...I have about a year and a half to get as many classes done as I can before we will most likely move out of the area for a few years (I will still be doing online classes wherever we move).  When we come back I will have to do my student teaching still unless I can transfer to a school wherever we are.  Lots of big decisions coming up, and we are just so excited for this next phase in our lives.

The hubs birthday is next week, I am so behind Char and I need to get his gifts ready! I won't put what we are getting him here on this blog because even though he doesn't read it I get nervous he will read this the ONE time I don't want him to.

Nordstrom Rack opens next week I am so excited I can hardly even wait, and I got invited to the pre-opening with one of my friends so I am even MORE excited to go the day before it opens to the public!!

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