Wednesday, May 1, 2013

yellow stripes

Oh my gosh is there seriously anything better than stripes? I found Char's striped pants on sale at Old Navy and then realized I had a striped shirt in my closet to match (is anyone surprised?) if you have seen my closet it is legit 80% stripes.  I prob should get the hubs on board...

Today I subbed for my favorite class of 4th graders, they were seriously so crazy, spring has hit them hard and they are sooo ready for summer.  I am glad I actually want to be a teacher...otherwise I am not sure how I would deal with 28 kids saying "Mrs. B, how do we do this?" "Mrs. B can I go to the bathroom?" "Mrs. B he hit me!" a million times a day.  I love it (mostly).

It was so beautiful like 80 degrees, felt like summer so after I got home from subbing I was outside until it was time to put char down for bed.  I love love love this weather, it makes me so happy, plus I got a little color (which I desperately need for my bridesmaids dresses to look good, I am pretty pale and coral and yellow look better if I am tan for real).  All the trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, and no more puffy coats!!

We are going to Chicago spontaneously on Saturday night, I was going to surprise the hubs but I am so bad at keeping surprises from him because I get so excited I just have to tell him (I need to work on this).

Also this is random but I got an elephant print shirt...I love elephants and I am obsessed with it.


  1. What Kind Of Camera do you use? such amazing photography!!

  2. Cannon rebel T3i :) Thank you!!