Thursday, January 16, 2014


 I haven't felt like blogging. So I just haven't forced it, but today I decided to come back.  Partly because today was so awesome. It snowed all day, I got my birchbox in the mail, crazy med school came to visit, and I had dinner at my fav restaurant with some of my fav girls I used to work with.  It was a pretty great day.  PLUS we got to have a photo shoot in our hello apparel sweatshirts which by the way are the softest most comfiest sweatshirts ever in life. 
I now feel like I ate an elephant because I ate so much tonight but oh my gosh so worth it.  I now need to work out, and get in bathing suit shape because my amazing hubs planned a trip to FL for my bday and crazy med school is coming too!!

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