Saturday, January 25, 2014

5 things

1.) The other day I asked C who her best friend was and she said "Mommy Char's best friend" it melted my heart. She says it every time you ask her too.  I love it. I know it won't last forever so I need to just soak it all in now and write it down so when she is older she can see that I really was a cool mom.  It kind of scares me that I have a two year old.  I am 26 and I have a two year old. I never ever ever thought this would be my life plan...but I have to say it has been pretty great, for the most part!

2.) The hubs leaves for a conference on Thursday in FLORIDA when it is like 7 degrees here.  I told him if he sends me a picture of a palm tree I might kill him.  I am not really looking forward to him being gone...but it will be great bonding with my little BFF I guess! I just miss him when he is gone.  I think it comes from being in a distance relationship with him in college for 2 years...I never want to do that again.  

3.) I am getting antsy about where we will be moving in the fall, we literally have no idea where it will be yet, and I am a planner, I would like to transfer schools if possible so I can finish my degree and I want to find a good place to live and mostly I just want to KNOW where the f we will be! We kind of think West like Seattle, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona...but not 100 percent certain because he hasn't even figured it out yet!! I just want to know by like April I think that would really help...

4.) We go to Florida in 28 days.  For my 27th birthday, I can't even wait to see grass again and be in warmer than 50 degree weather and to just get AWAY.  My bff crazy med school is coming with us and I seriously am so excited. 

5.) I think I might get bangs again, I grew them out kind of and I really liked them short.

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