Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby snuggles

Holy sore legs!! I can barely walk down the stairs or sit myself on the toilet! Oh well, it was totally worth it because I still feel like a bad ass :)

Today I have butt face snuggling with me while I write

I miss when C would snuggle with me all day long, everyone told me to cherish the moments because they don't last forever...well they were right :( She has to be enclosed to sleep, the hubs described it like those balls that change direction every time they bounce on a wall...C does that too, we will put her to bed and the next thing we know she will be in the complete opposite direction we put her down in.  So she can't sleep with me at all.  I remember the last time she actually slept on me was when she was around 5 months old...I miss it. sigh.

Less than 2 weeks until Nicaragua with L!! I can hardly wait, she is the best travel buddy ever, we have gone to so many places together: Los Angeles, Kentucky, Guatemala, Denmark, up north Michigan, New Mexico and now Nicaragua! I am super sad to be leaving R and baby C, I just hope I don't miss anything huge.

So I was on Pinterest this morning after I got dressed and it made me laugh because look:

That is the Pinterest version on the left, and me on the right, I felt so proud of myself! 


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