Sunday, September 23, 2012


Next topic on the list is: List 3 legitimate fears you have and why you have them.

1.  Spiders-  I cannot stand spiders, even if they are teeny and won't hurt me I make my husband kill them. I think this came to be because when I was growing up in Texas they were literally everywhere in my house and I just couldn't fall asleep unless there weren't any in my room, so my mom would have to dispose of them.  I think I just don't like creepy crawling things in general.

2. Death/Dying- I think I am scared of this because it is unknown.  It really freaks me out even thinking about not being here anymore.  I think that is why I struggle sometimes with my faith, but it calms me knowing that when I do go to church and I hear a sermon about death that there IS an afterlife.  At least I believe there is one, or else I would go nuts thinking about it if I didn't believe in one.  

3. Landing and take off when in a plane - It just scares me with all the noise and bumps etc.  I still love to travel, but if I could just skip the part where we land and take off that would be ideal.

Well there you have it!
Our weekend in pictures:
 Rooting for Michigan (they lost)
 Meeting baby Andrew
 Sleeping (ALOT bc we are all sick)
helping to pay bills

We didn't have a very eventful weekend, but we all got sick so we just needed to rest up and get better!


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