Thursday, July 25, 2013

hubs played hooky

Today Char slept in until 8:15. It. Was. Amazing.  She usually wakes up at 7:23 or earlier and is just ready to go go go.  Today was awesome because I got to run, shower, eat breakfast, AND do my hair without any distractions.  Around 9 I asked the hubs if he wanted to do something fun, he said yes so off we went to this vet hospital that takes in animals from the wild that are abandoned, we saw deer, a huge bunny, horse, chickens, geese, turtles, peacocks, goats, parrots, and a baby coyote.  C had a blast, best part is it was free and all outside.  After we did that, the hubs still didn't want to go to work so we went to a park and ran around, it was a great morning.  We love when the hubs hangs out with us.

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