Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm Back!

 Sorry for the picture over load but this is what I have been up to recently! This summer has seriously been one of my favorite summers of my life, just jam packed and so much fun along with a lot of traveling up north! Up north MI is literally one of my favorite places, it makes me so happy and calm by the water, the crazy amazing sunsets, s'mores...I just love it! Char baby is such a great camper too we were actually shocked, she takes naps, and sleeps through the whole night.  We are actually planning on going camping in the fall now because she is so amazing.

Training for our marathon is going well, we run 10 miles tonight and I am actually excited for it.  I never thought running would be my favorite thing ever in life, but it has turned out to be one of the best outlets for me, time to think, and also getting in shape is a perk too.

My brother and SIL got a new dog! His name is Franklin, and he is so so cute.  It was also my moms 60th birthday yesterday, and my brothers 25th last week.

We are getting ready for our 10 day road trip to Maine coming up and I am so excited because we get to see so many people we love!

I started watching Mistresses and holy crap I am addicted now, go watch it!

Tonight me and the hubs after running 10 miles are going to get ice cream and watch game of thrones (ok yes it is super nerdy, but it is amazing).

While we were camping (it was rustic and we couldn't shower) I asked the hubs how my hair looked and he said "well, I mean it isn't falling out or anything, its still there" hahaha thank god I had a hat.

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  1. Oh my gosh... these pictures are incredible! It looks like you're having SO much fun! It's beautiful there!
    I'm jealous of your 10 day trip to Maine :) I want to travel back east so badly!
    Is Mistresses on netflix?