Friday, August 9, 2013

cute little peanuts

Last night one of my best mom friends texted me saying she had a great idea: dress the peanuts up and do a mini photo shoot.  I mean I can't refuse that ever lets be serious.  This morning she texted me saying she was on her way but would run a little late because she was stopping to get she not the best ever? The pictures turned out SO SWEET.  Her son is the cutest, and Char loves him.  They had so much fun with the balloons and picking flowers together, and we had fun watching them, it was the most beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, and a nice breeze.  I hope we have lots more of these days until it gets grey and dreary again!

I am excited because tomorrow me, the hubs, and C are packing up for the beach that is about 2 hours away, I am hoping the weather cooperates and its nice out, but even if it isn't it will still be nice to have some fam time, this week the hubs had to work a lot so we both missed him!

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