Monday, August 26, 2013

East Coast

Brunch in CT
the best food
 We are back! Such an amazing trip.  Also I don't know how I survived that long of a drive with a toddler, but we are alive, a little grumpy, lots and lots of laundry to do, but happy to be home! If you ever get a chance to go to the East Coast, take it! It is just so beautiful.  Here are some pictures,  I took like 300 so I won't put you through all of those!

We met up with one of the hubs bestfriends/roomates from college
she was so happy to get out of the car
we took a short hike after setting everything up, that cup has a well deserved beer in it

the sunsets were so magical
we were about to cook dinner and our stove broke that we brought, we cooked everything over the fire which didn't turn out so bad!

Boston water front

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