Sunday, August 11, 2013


Yesterday we went to the zoo, it was a really pretty day and all the animals were out, Char loved the bears the best, and kept saying: "rarrr" over and over again.  Next time we go we are going to stay near the front so we can check out the butterfly house, and the penguins.  We never have time to do those because it is almost lunch, or C is grumpy.

This morning the hubs and I ran 13.1 hard holy crap but I think we are beginning to realize we can actually run this full marathon we signed up for in October.  I still kind of want to shit my pants when I think of running 26.2 miles in 10 weeks...but it is getting a little easier to see myself crossing the finish line.  

We are leaving on our road trip next weekend so i began my packing list and being gone for 10 days is no joke, the hubs is just packing the day before, but I am a planner so I have to know what I will wear and have to be packed like usually at LEAST three days before...its probably fine for our honeymoon I definitely packed like 3 weeks before it. 

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