Wednesday, August 14, 2013

pigtails and skinny jeans

I love this girl.  I can't even handle her cuteness sometimes. Like really she is mine? Also she will be 2 in 4.5 short months...what in the WORLD!?
I have major baby fever. I swear to god babies follow me everywhere.  At work, the park, it is getting a little bit crazy.  

We leave for our 10 day East coast road trip this weekend, and I am so proud of us!! We saved up a lot of money for this trip, and tonight after work I added the last $30 and MAN did that feel good.  We definitely made it rain, no srsly we did it was so fun.  I just can't even wait to spend quality time with my family and explore, camp, see old friends, family, and yeah traveling with a toddler is never fun but I think in the big scheme of things I won't even remember, but the memories we will make will definitely trump whatever car nonsense C will throw at us (thats what I keep telling myself at least).

I am bummed though because I am missing the Kenny Chesney concert, and a white water rafting trip... #firstworldproblems

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