Friday, March 7, 2014

16 week update

This is crazy. I feel like my belly looks the exact same but maybe a teeny bit smaller then with Charlotte.  I love taking my pictures from with C and comparing to this baby.  I probably drive everyone crazy with all the pictures I send's probably fine.  I was like 15 lbs heavier before getting pregnant with C then I was getting pregnant with this baby, so maybe that is why I look bigger with C.  I love being a small preggers person at least for the first 6 months, then I look huge...I mean I FEEL huge.  
I finally don't feel like throwing up any more and it is the best.  I still get really bad stomach cramps if I don't eat veggies, which I guess is a good thing! I pee a lot more, and I LOVE foot rubs.  I still am wearing non maternity clothes, and the belly band from Target has saved my life.  I got a white one and a nude one and just wear them with my jeans, but lets be serious for the most part I just wear leggings.  I crave asiago bagels with cream cheese, carrots, apples, cheez-its, pizza, sharp cheddar cheese, salads, ice cream, and milk.  I don't have many weird cravings, but I don't like eggs or chicken really right now.  All smells get to me, especially when C has a # 2 diaper I cannot stand it.  
I have weird dreams.  But honestly I ALWAYS have had weird dreams, they just get weirder every day though.  
I am so excited because me and C are taking a girls trip in May to see our good friends who just moved in Arizona, and then we will be driving to San Diego, CA and then to Santa Barbara and Santa Monica, and probably Laguna Beach as well.  We will be gone for about 10-11 days while the hubs gets a TON of work done.  We will miss him, but I am so excited to do this trip with my girl.  I hope I am not too preggers to enjoy the trip, I don't think I will be because we are going at the beginning of May.  
That is what is new and exciting in my life!

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