Monday, March 3, 2014

C's room/16 week update

Over the weekend we had big plans. Not really all we had planned was to go to IKEA and get a mattress for Charlotte's twin bed.  I am not going to lie I cried (blaming it on the preggers hormones) when I saw her so happy and reading like this in her new "big girl bed" (that is what she calls it).  We got a comforter and that side rail at IKEA too, and got out of there not spending an arm and a leg like we thought we were going to have to.  In FL C slept in a full sized bed all 4 nights we were there, and she loved it, so we decided once we got home that she didn't need her toddler/crib bed anymore.  The transition has been a lot smoother then I thought, and I am so happy she loves it.  I didn't want to stress her out right before the baby came by switching over beds, that is a lot of change for a little girl so I am glad we did it in March and not July.  We took off her changing table too and it opened her room right up.  We also took her rocking chair out of there and put it in the new babies room/play room.  I am trying not to get into nesting, but I am literally obsessed with everything being clean, and put away lately.  Which is weird because I am only 16 weeks...
I am 16 weeks today! I think I felt the baby kick last night, but in all honesty? It probably was gas.  
My bump is about dead on what it looked like with C, the hubs thinks I am carrying a little higher, but it is hard to tell because I still am pretty small.  I cannot WAIT to find out what this little baby is on March 26.  23 days.  I was convinced for awhile it was a boy, but now I kind of am thinking girl.  It will be fun to find out in a few weeks! Then we can really start planning :)

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