Sunday, March 9, 2014

Morning routine

7-7:30 Charlotte wakes up usually yelling "MOOOMMMMYYYY OUTTTT" even though she has a twin bed and is perfectly capable of getting out of it herself #princess problems

7:30-8 Breakfast usually C will tell us what she wants either toast, yogurt, cereal or a banana 

8-9 We usually head up stairs to shower, get dressed, brush our teeth, put on make up etc.  The hubs got those pictures of us the other morning, this is what goes on every morning C always stands on her stool next to me and puts on "make up" too.  It is one of my favorite times of our day.

9-9:30 Take the hubs to work if he hasn't already caught the bus

9:30-11 play, do errands, anything really

11-11:30 Lunch time!

11:30-12:15 play a little bit longer and then clean up the huge mess monster C has created

12:30-1 read and get ready for nap time

1-3:30 NAP TIME aka probably one of the best times of my day where I nap, shower if I haven't already, eat my own lunch, clean or veg out watching TV.

That is I am sure the most riveting thing you have read all day. Your welcome.

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