Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Iphone update

 Baby bump at 33 weeks

 C chose to wear pajamas, rain boots, and a sun hat today it cracked me up.  I am pretty relaxed with what she decides to wear, and I love seeing her sense of style come out.  Some days it is tutus, others its jeans and a batman shirt.

 I got two maxi skirts and wear them legit every day.  This is the bump at 34 weeks, my t shirts officially do notttt fit anymore.  

 These two have formed a really close bond so far this summer, C used to be a total mama's girl, but now? she loves spending time with her daddy bear :)  (She still totally loves me the best, but I share lol)
 Mawy has totally taken over Baby E's nursery.  His fav spots are the changing pad, and her crib.  It is seriously hilarious, I think he will change his mind once she actually gets here though.

 My little princess.  This was the day where she just wanted to wear 2 tutus all day, even to church...


  1. Your hair looks Amazing!!! Also, you look like you are a little over 6 months pregnant and you are 8. Must be eating right. :) I am using all the will power I can muster not to give in to ice cream cravings. Carrots have actually helped this. Haha.

  2. Aw thanks Amy! I literally eat carrots like its my job, ice cream gives me major heart burn now and I cannot WAIT to eat it again once this baby comes!!