Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July already

 I cannot believe it is July already, this summer has gone by so fast.  My good friend had her baby girl last night and I cannot wait to meet her and do her newborn pictures! She was 9 pounds 11 ounces, and almost 21 inches long, and she is gorgeous! 
Last night Russ got home and told me to go spend some alone time, so I went to Target (duh) by myself and found maxi skirts finally in my size and bought two.  They are non maternity so they will last forever hopefully...but oh my gosh what an amazing thing going to Target by myself it was seriously so great.  After I went shopping I met up with a friend for froyo.  It was a pretty perfect night, and Char was so cute she was so excited for a "date with Daddy bear".  I feel like we are like almost 100 percent ready for this little girl, I was sitting in the nursery folding clothes today and trying to imagine life with two girls, I think it will be a huge change but also I think we are so ready for the challenge.  

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