Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Still pregnant

 baby at 36 weeks

I want this baby OUTTTTT!!!! I am so sick of feeling like a whale, and waddling, having 6 things to wear, and not being able to run after C.  Also though I am trying my hardest to just enjoy these last weeks with C as our only child.  I know everything is going to change SO much and it scares me, but also I just think C will be the best big sister, and that it will just make our family feel complete to have this last piece of the puzzle added.  Baby E we cannot wait until you get here!!
I only want ice chips recently for cravings, and if I don't have protein during the day I get super woozy its weird.  I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to have an ultrasound to check if Baby is head down (pretty positive she is I can SEE her toes a lot poking out by my ribs...) and to check if I am dialated at all...praying I am at least 1-3 cm so mayyyybe she will want to come sooner then August 11! I have been cleaning like crazy, and her room is just too cute.  We got the baby Ergo today and we have frozen a bunch of meals, the hospital bag is packed, clothes are all washed, bathroom is clean, all that is left really is for me to shave my legs (which will take a long time with this big belly of mine).  I don't mean to complain because really I cannot wait to experience life with two kids and I am so incredibly happy to be having another baby, but honestly these last weeks being pregnant just are so uncomfortable.  
Hopefully next time I post this baby will be born!! (prob not but here is to hoping!)

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